A Day in the Life of Puget Sound



What is it?

"A Day in the Life of Puget Sound" is a project of Arches, the alumni magazine of the college. We will produce a special issue of the magazine documenting, in photos, 24 hours in the life of Puget Sound.

When is it?

"A Day in the Life of Puget Sound" will showcase images from every hour of the day, Wednesday, April 19, 2017—from 12:01 a.m. to midnight. 

Where will the photos come from?

Everywhere and anywhere! We want photos that make us wonder. Photos striking for their beauty. Photos that tell a story. Photos that make us smile. There will be a pool of assigned photographers at work, but we encourage anyone with a camera (or a smartphone!) to participate. If you see something that you think others would love to see too, please send it in for consideration. If we use the photo, you will receive credit and payment of $50.

What if I know about something happening on April 19 that I think would be great to document?

Please do let us know! Faculty members, staff, or student organizers: If there's something happening in one of your classes, or if you are involved in an event or performance that day, that you think is especially visually engaging, please send your tip to arches@pugetsound.edu. We'll do our best to get someone there. Or photograph it yourself!

What specifications are required for photos?

Since photos will appear in print, we need nice, big files. Basically the largest file your device is capable of producing.

How do I submit a photo?

Send it to arches@pugetsound.edu. Include the exact time the photo was taken and a brief description of what's happening. 


Feel free to take photos of other people (friends, classmates, co-workers, etc.), but keep a few things in mind:

  • In public spaces, such as Memorial Fieldhouse, Marshall Hall, or Todd Field, you can snap and share a crowd photo without gaining permission from the people in the photo.
  • In private spaces, such as residence halls or meeting spaces—or any time you're focusing on one person or a small group of easily identifiable people—you must get their permission to take and submit the photo. That's usually as simple as saying something like, "Hi, I'd love to take a photo of you for Arches' Day in the Life of Puget Sound special issue. Is that OK?"
  • Please do not enter classrooms or labs unless you have been invited.
  • If you do submit a photo with people in it in the near field, please include their names.

If Arches publishes my photo, does Puget Sound own the rights?

No, you do. You only grant permission for one-time publication in the print edition of the magazine and in the online version. Afterwards the photo remains yours to do with as you wish. Please note that some photos may be used on the university website and/or social media channels to promote and share the special issue.