Puget Sound Survey Request Process

The process for scheduling a survey at Puget Sound follows.  If you have any questions about this process, please contact OIR staff.

1.  Consult with OIR to determine if there is data available or a planned survey available that will meet your survey needs. If not,
2.  Develop the survey tool and define survey population
3.  Obtain Institutional Review Board approval or exemption (if necessary--see Puget Sound Survey Policies and Procedures)
4.  Consult the Puget Sound Survey Calendar and the Puget Sound Survey Cycle to select potential survey time frame(s)
5.  Submit the following to OIR at least two weeks prior to the start date for the survey:

  • Description of the survey project, including the purpose and intended use of results;
  • Specific population receiving the survey;
  • Method of survey distribution (e.g., online or hard copy, via email, in class, at event, etc.);
  • Time frame for administering the survey, including beginning and end dates;
  • Evidence of IRB approval (if necessary);
  • Description of any planned incentive program for respondents; and
  • Current draft of the survey and all invitation and cover letters.

6.  OIR staff will review and respond to the Survey Request typically within one week
7.  If survey is to be delivered via Qualtrics, OIR staff will coordinate with requestor to post and launch the survey

Puget Sound Survey Calendar

A calendar of currently scheduled surveys, including survey abstracts and descriptions of target populations, is available to members of the Puget Sound community via the Microsoft Outlook calendar function.  To view the Puget Sound Survey calendar, perform the following:

  1. Logon to any campus computer
  2. Open Microsoft Outlook
  3. Select the “Calendar” tab
  4. Select “Open a Shared Calendar”
  5. In the Name box, enter “survey”
  6. Select “OK”

If you are unable to access the Puget Sound Survey calendar, please contact OIR at (253) 879-3174.