Wednesday, Jan. 10

Conference Workshop Descriptions

All workshops are 60–90 minutes, unless noted otherwise. Locations will be posted in December.

Development Workshops

Enrichment Workshops

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Featured Speakers

9 A.M.

Generational Difference in Workplace Expectations

Sarah Moore, Ph.D., Susan Weiss
Tahoma Room, Thomas Hall


Development Workshops

11 a.m.

Campus and Personal Support for Undocumented and DACA Campus Members

Dave Wright '96
Wyatt Hall, Room 204

This workshop, led by Dave Wright and other members of the Undocumented Students Working Group, will attempt to equip faculty and staff members to engage in supportive work with undocumented or DACA-participating members of the campus community. Please note that this is not a workshop to debate immigration issues (although we will have space to answer questions and have civil discourse) but to better understand Puget Sound's commitments to inclusion and both campus and external resources faculty and staff members can engage to help support those members of our community who are undocumented or participate in DACA.

Cyber Security 101

Michael Judd
Wyatt Hall, Room 203

Join us for an overview of the current top cyber security threats affecting you at home and work, and learn how to protect yourself. Discussion topics will include trends in malware, computer-aided identity theft, social engineering, home Wi-Fi security, and more. I will provide real-life examples of threats and prevention. Questions will be encouraged throughout the discussion.

The Change Journey: Your Path to Successively Embracing Change

Tasha HeltonJamie Daniel
Wyatt Hall, Room 107

   This session will use interactive polling. Please bring your mobile device.

This workshop will help participants understand the fundamentals of change by identifying the importance and benefits of change. Participants will become more familiar with components of the change journey, including the ability to identify obstacles to change, misconceptions about change, and strategies for guiding change. The workshop will also encourage creativity and commitment to change.

1 p.m.

Crucial Conversations

Erin Ruff
Wyatt Hall, Room 107

NOTE: This session is currently full. Additional entries will be waitlisted.

A crucial conversation is a discussion between two or more people where stakes are high, opinions vary, and emotions run strong. Whatever the issue—from poor productivity or declining quality to lack of teamwork or strained relationships—it’s likely that you are experiencing, or will experience, the effects of a poorly held conversation. During this highly interactive workshop you will be introduced to the basics of the Crucial Conversations concept. We'll introduce a set of tools to help you engage in conversations which build alignment, agreement, and interpersonal communication.

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the need for a crucial conversation.
  • Speak in a way that allows for open dialogue with others.
  • Move facts and stories to action for the purpose of finding common ground and resolving disagreements.


Title IX at Puget Sound

Tiffany Davis
Wyatt Hall, Room 109

This course is intended to provide faculty and staff members with information regarding Title IX and its practical application on campus. You will leave the workshop with an understanding of Title IX, our campus policy prohibiting sexual misconduct, and how to report a Title IX violation.

Enrichment Workshops

11 a.m.

iRest Meditation

Sarah Maynard-Murray
Trimble Forum, Trimble Hall

"True healing begins when we experience unchanging resiliency within ourselves, whether we're here or there" –Richard Miller

Stress is like an iceberg. We see a fraction of it above the surface, but what's below? What do we experience? Fatigue, insomnia, digestive issues? What do others see? Overspending, overindulging, escaping? What's below the surface? Anger, anxiety, pain, disconnection? Our minds and bodies are under constant attack from stress hormones wreaking havoc on our health. Operating in survival mode, we can develop unhealthy ways of coping. iRest Meditation can help you become more at ease being "here"... now. During iRest you will be guided through various experiences. Your task is to rest at ease while observing and welcoming sensations, breath, feelings, emotions, beliefs, images, and memories that naturally arise.

Beginner’s Rock Climbing (3 hours)

Nate Fearer, Justin Canny '90
Athletics and Aquatics Center

Rock climbing is far from a practical work skill, but it's a great way to spend your lunch breaks if long walks aren't tailoring to your thrill-seeking nature. In this course we'll go over safety rules, spotting techniques, auto-belay use, basic climbing techniques, and much more. Join us for a great time in a non-competitive environment!

NOTE: A liability waiver form will need to be signed for any classes held in the Athletics and Aquatics Center. Please bring your Puget Sound ID card to enter the Athletics and Aquatics Center.

Home Ownership and the Courage to Purchase, Sell, and Invest (3 hours)

Sharon Chambers-Gordon, Windermere Real Estate
Wyatt Hall, Room 208

This session will focus on your home shopping and loan application checklists, your selling decisions, and how to navigate investment opportunities. Topics will include: Courage for big decisions, finding a realtor, searching for the right home, finding a lender, making an offer, writing the contract, closing the deal, getting the keys to your new home, selling your home, upsizing and downsizing, and investing in real estate. Guest presenter Stephanie Jordan, from State Farm, will join this session. Charting the real estate waters is not as scary or complicated with expert help, resources, and courage!

Ready, Set, Make: The Courage to Create (Session 2)

Jane Carlin
Makerspace, Collins Memorial Library

NOTE: This session is currently full. Additional entries will be waitlisted.

Did you know that creative activities are good for your mental and emotional health? Take a leap and join us for a session in the new Makerspace at Collins Memorial Library to experiment with new technology, learn a new skill, discover your inner creative spirit, tinker, and have fun.

This session will provide an overview of the services in the new Makerspace, including 3D printing, soldering, sewing, and paper cutting. It will also introduce equipment, software, websites, and printed resources. In this session, you can make a reflective writing journal using fine paper and recycled cardboard.

1 p.m. 

Personal Safety and Surviving a Violent Incident

Todd Badham '85, P'11, Sarah Comstock
Wyatt Hall, Room 204

Learn good personal safety habits and mentally prepare yourself to survive a violent or potentially violent event. Be prepared at home, at work, and in public to keep yourself safe. Mental mindset and situational awareness will be discussed.

Half-Marathon Training for Mere Mortals

Sue Dahlin, Jennifer Allen-Ayres
Wyatt Hall, Room 209

Do you like to run? Have you ever entertained the idea of tackling a longer distance race? Come learn how to make the leap from a 5k/10k runner to half marathoner! We'll talk about reasonable training plans to add weekly mileage (while still having a life), discuss gear and tools to help avoid common pitfalls, and share our love of running the half marathon distance. If you've gone from the couch to 5k, it is totally possible to tackle 13.1 miles! All it takes is the courage to start.

Building a Better Smoothie

Phillip Wells P'20, Kawika Ridep
Rasmussen Rotunda, Wheelock Student Center

NOTE: This session is currently full. Additional entries will be waitlisted.

This course will introduce the group to some of the basic smoothies that can be obtained at our very own Lillis Cafe. We will discuss some of the health benefits and myths surrounding smoothies and their ingredients. The group will be provided with samples and an opportunity for some to build their own smoothies to share with the group.

Supervisory Workshops

11 a.m.

How to Educate Others About Microaggressions

Kristin Haltinner, Ph.D., University of Idaho
Wyatt Hall, Room 109

 This session will be recorded. 

   This session will use interactive polling. Please bring your mobile device.

This course will empower participants to employ the concepts learned in the Mitigating Microaggressions workshop from 2017. Specifically, it will look at common microaggressions used in the context of higher education; examine the effects of these microaggressions on students, staff, and faculty; examine how microaggressions employed in the K-12 setting might affect students in college; and help participants develop methods of preventing and counteracting these microaggressions. 

Introducing Compass Puget Sound: A Program of Reflective Conversations for Student Employment

Elizabeth Wormsbecker, Rebecca Pettitt, Renee Houston
Wyatt Hall, Room 101

 This session will be recorded. 

Join us as we introduce the Compass Program for Student Employment! Engaging student staff in supportive, reflective conversations helps them make meaningful connections between the skills and knowledge they are gaining through campus employment and their academic learning. Beyond supporting student development, these conversations encourage students to recognize the importance of their contributions on campus, thereby encouraging them to participate more fully in their on-campus employment.

Over the past year, a small group of departments across campus participated in a pilot program of conversations. Student staff members actively reflected on the intersections between their on-campus work experience and their academic learning. The practice of active reflection helps students increase academic knowledge and self-knowledge, enables processing of feelings, and supports confidence-building in developing skills. By critically reflecting on activities and experiences, students are better prepared to articulate the value of those experiences for future opportunities. Supervisors from this pilot program will share the student learning outcomes as well as the impact these conversations had on supervisors, students, and the students' work efforts. We invite direct and indirect supervisors of student staff members to attend and learn how you can incorporate these important reflective conversations into your work, and to recognize the impact reflection can have on students, job performance, and the goals of your department.

With supervisor panelists Lisa Kenney, assistant athletic trainer; Julie Pagel, accounts payable manager; Kawika Houston, donor relations assistant; and Sarah Comstock, associate dean of students.

1 p.m.

Courageous Conversations: Race Matters

Tina McLeod, Lori Ricigliano
Wyatt Hall, Room 101

Race matters. Whether you read “matters” as a noun “that applies to anything perceived, or known to be occupying space” or as a verb meaning “to be of importance,” race matters and has real impact. Let’s talk. Let’s learn how to have conversations and address issues of race and racism in our workplace, on campus, and in our broader circles. This interactive workshop will help participants share common language, identify bias in our everyday interactions, and explore strategies to reduce bias and its unintended consequences.

Budget and P-Card Advanced Topics

Lori Seager, Linda Green, Jan Bartolatz
Wyatt Hall, Room 203

Dive deeper into budget administration at Puget Sound and learn about resources for managing budgets within myPugetSound. This course provides in-depth instruction on: Using tax review and assessment on accounts payable requests and P-card purchases, navigating budget administration and procurement tools, clarifying approval authority structures, editing denied requisitions, selecting correct vendors on requisitions, and temporarily re-assigning requisition approval authority when off-campus.


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