Tuesday, Jan. 8

9 a.m.–noon

Campus Day of Learning: Embracing Change

Howard Teibel
Memorial Fieldhouse

More now than ever, we are dealing with accelerating change and increasing ambiguity to meet the challenges in the world of education. In this morning session, we will explore how we can embrace change and meet the challenges facing us with a mood of resiliency and curiosity.

Topics we will explore together include:

  • How higher education as an industry is changing
  • What it looks like to build emotional resiliency
  • Tools to help us navigate change as individuals

Come prepared to think, have fun, and learn new skills to take back into your lives!

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1–3 P.M.

How to Manage Change

Howard Teibel
Tahoma Room, Thomas Hall

NOTE: This session is intended primarily for LEAD members and managers. There will be a limited number of seats available for non-managers to attend for their development plans. These seats will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

In this afternoon program, we will build on the concepts of the morning and do a deeper dive into the questions of change as managers and leaders:

  • How can we best manage up and lead down?
  • What kind of sensibility do we need to bring to our work that keeps us oriented to strategic and not tactical concerns?
  • How can we best shepherd people through challenging or ambiguous change?

Come prepared to engage in a thoughtful conversation with the speaker and with each other.

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