Thursday, Jan. 11

Conference Workshop Descriptions

All workshops are 60–90 minutes, unless noted otherwise. Locations will be posted in December.

Development Workshops

Enrichment Workshops

Supervisory Workshops



Featured Speaker

9 A.M.

Dealing With Change Using "Yes... AND!" Principle

Julian Schrenzel
Upper Marshall Hall, Wheelock Student Center

 This session will be recorded. 

   This session will use interactive polling. Please bring your mobile device. 

Development Workshops

11 a.m.

We Do Not Live Single-Issue Lives: Demystifying Intersectionality and Identity Politics

Ashlee Day
Wyatt Hall, Room 101

In today's political climate, there has been much discussion of intersectionality and identity politics and whether they are beneficial or detrimental to social movements, politics, and society at large. However, many of these discussions have been dominated by discourse that is dogmatic, sensationalized, or based on misinformation. This workshop defines what intersectionality is, what it is not, and why it is important in our work today and moving forward. 

Courageous Conversations: Race Matters

Tina McLeod, Lori Ricigliano
Wyatt Hall, Room 208

Race matters. Whether you read “matters” as a noun “that applies to anything perceived, or known to be occupying space” or as a verb meaning “to be of importance,” race matters and has real impact. Let’s talk. Let’s learn how to have conversations and address issues of race and racism in our workplace, on campus, and in our broader circles. This interactive workshop will help participants share common language, identify bias in our everyday interactions, and explore strategies to reduce bias and its unintended consequences.

The Culture of Learning Community

Frederick Douglass Alcorn '82
Wyatt Hall, Room 204

This workshop will focus on the interactions of staff among students, staff among staff, students among students, and administrators among staff and students; and the transferring of actions between one another in view of and across multiple boundaries. The purpose of this session is to provide participants with an opportunity to engage in critically reflective thought and discourse regarding the presence and role of transactional communication.

1 p.m.

Gender and the Self: Engaging Trans*, Non-Binary, and Cis* Identities

Dave Wright '96, Skylar Bihl '08
Wyatt Hall, Room 204

This workshop will begin with a brief refresher on the basics of trans* and non-binary inclusion, but will dig deeper into models of identity development, narratives of privilege, and issues of intersectionality experienced by trans* and non-binary individuals. Participants will be encouraged to reflect on their own identity development and how that is consciously or subtly present in their personal and professional lives.

Introduction to Windows 10

Dale Mickel, Faithlina Abeshima '16
Wyatt Hall, Room 201

Software waits for no person. Come get a quick tutorial for the latest version of the Windows operating system, which the university will be adopting. The class will consist of a short introduction followed by a Q&A session.

Intermediate Excel

Nate FearerAnne Smith '06
Wyatt Hall, Room 203

In this course we will familiarize ourselves with intermediate logic-based formulas and pivot tables, focusing on how we can optimize efficiency using Excel’s strongest features. We will learn by listening, then doing; the course will emphasize the practical application of Excel knowledge. Join us!

Enrichment Workshops

11 a.m.

Personal Bicycle Maintenance

Jeremy Cucco
Wyatt Hall, Room 107

This will be an introduction to bicycle maintenance, answering questions such as: What tools do you need to do your own bike maintenance? How do you properly maintain, lube, and clean the chain? What makes a good chain and what makes a bad one? When and how should you replace the chain? How should you properly clean your bike? What should you do when your bike is making noise? Which bike lubes should be used where, and why? We'll also discuss basic wheel and tire maintenance—how to check your tires and change a tube, how to put the proper amount of air in your tires, and how to check and change your brakes.

Benefits 101

Kenni Simons
Wyatt Hall, Room 201

Learn about health benefits, leave benefits, education benefits, and other "perks" that are associated with working at the university.

1 p.m.

Mind and Body: Orientation to the Fitness Center

Mark Massey
Athletics and Aquatics Center

This session provides an introduction to the Fitness Center as well as the emotional components of working out. The session will meet at the front desk.

NOTE: A liability waiver form will need to be signed for any classes held in the Athletics and Aquatics Center. Please bring your Puget Sound ID card to enter the Athletics and Aquatics Center.


Vinyasa Yoga

Liz Houck
Dance Studio, Athletics and Aquatics Center, Rooms 227 and 228

This yoga session, open to people of all skill levels, is focused on moving mindfully in connection with your breath. Please bring your own yoga mat.

NOTE: A liability waiver form will need to be signed for any classes held in the Athletics and Aquatics Center. Please bring your Puget Sound ID card to enter the Athletics and Aquatics Center.


Did You Know?: Exploring Puget Sound's Past

Adriana Flores '13, Laura Edgar
Archives and Special Collections Room, Collins Memorial Library, Room 209

Did you know that Puget Sound owned a student ski retreat in 1948, or that our mascot used to be the grizzlies? How about that a tunnel system runs beneath the Greek houses? Visit the Archives and Special Collections department to explore the lesser-known aspects of Puget Sound's history. We'll investigate campus culture, traditions, significant figures, buildings, and more! This session will consist of a presentation as well as time for people to examine and handle historical materials from Puget Sound's past!


Ready, Set, Make: The Courage to Create (Session 3)

Hilary Robbeloth
Makerspace, Collins Memorial Library

Did you know that creative activities are good for your mental and emotional health? Take a leap and join us for a session in the new Makerspace at Collins Memorial Library to experiment with new technology, learn a new skill, discover your inner creative spirit, tinker, and have fun.

This session will provide an overview of the services in the new Makerspace, including 3D printing, soldering, sewing, and paper cutting. It will also introduce equipment, software, websites, and printed resources. In this session, you can learn the basics of knitting with a very simple project.


Medicare Basics: What You Need to Know Before You Enroll

Jeff Johnson
Wyatt Hall, Room 101

 This session will be recorded. 

This course is for anyone who is planning on retiring in the next five years, has already retired, or provides assistance to a parent or relative who is already on Medicare. Many individuals find the Medicare coverage maze to be challenging. Coverage by Medicare will last for 20 years or more! This complex subject and its multiple choices will be explained in a simple and straightforward manner that all can understand. In one hour, all of the basics will be covered:

  • Medicare benefits: The ABCs of Medicare
  • Medicare enrollment timeline
  • Medicare and employer-provided coverage
  • Medicare Supplement, Part D, and Medicare Advantage plans

Supervisory Workshops

11 a.m.

The Courage to Listen: Conflict Resolution Strategies Built Upon Listening Skills (3 hours)

Betsy BeMiller
Wyatt Hall, Room 109

 This session will be recorded. 

Listening is the vehicle that contributes to learning, growing and developing, relating, collaborating, resolving conflicts, and achieving personal and professional success. This workshop challenges participants to reflect on barriers and interferences to authentic listening, and to explore fears and vulnerabilities experienced when engaging in authentic listening. Through demonstrations, exercises, and practice, participants develop specific skills for keeping oneself in check and creating a sense in the other of being listened to. Participants will apply listening to different situations and connect with various applications.


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