Monday, Jan. 8

Conference Workshop Descriptions

All workshops are 60–90 minutes, unless noted otherwise. Locations will be posted in December.

Development Workshops

Enrichment Workshops

Supervisory Workshops



Featured Speaker

9 A.M.

Six Decades of Courage at Puget Sound

Regina Glenn '70, M.B.A.'71
Tahoma Room, Thomas Hall


Development Workshops

11 a.m.

Multi-Faith Inclusion in the Life of the College

Dave Wright ’96
Wyatt Hall, Room 204

This workshop will help equip participants to create working and learning contexts that explicitly welcome people of all religious and spiritual backgrounds. Over the course of the workshop, we will:

  • Examine personal identities related to religion/spirituality and how those impact professional life
  • Learn about some of the religious diversity present at Puget Sound
  • Explore expressions of (and how to resist) bias against minoritized religious identities
  • Brainstorm ways for participants to make their working/teaching spaces more explicitly inclusive

Crucial Conversations

Erin Ruff, Donelle Pearson
Wyatt Hall, Room 107

A crucial conversation is a discussion between two or more people where stakes are high, opinions vary, and emotions run strong. Whatever the issue—from poor productivity or declining quality to lack of teamwork or strained relationships—it’s likely that you are experiencing, or will experience, the effects of a poorly held conversation. During this highly interactive workshop you will be introduced to the basics of the Crucial Conversations concept. We'll introduce a set of tools to help you engage in conversations which build alignment, agreement, and interpersonal communication.

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

    • Identify the need for a crucial conversation.
    • Speak in a way that allows for open dialogue with others.
    • Move facts and stories to action for the purpose of finding common ground and resolving disagreements.

Servant Leadership: How to Think About Leadership in a New Way

Tasha Helton
Wyatt Hall, Room 101

   This session will use interactive polling. Please bring your mobile device.

This course will help you understand the meaning of servant leadership. Servant leadership takes patience, courage, honesty, and commitment; you have to be kind, respectful, selfless, and forgiving. We will do a few exercises that will help you identify your leadership inventory, strengths, and weaknesses, and we'll use a S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timebound) action plan to identify our gaps. This course is not just for leaders but for all who would like to learn more about leadership.

1 p.m.

Feminism is for Everybody

Vivie Nguyen
Wyatt Hall, Room 209

This presentation will walk through historical and present issues that women face, with an intersectional and critical lens in asking questions like: What is feminism? Who created it? Whom is it for? Whom does it benefit? We aim to create a deeper and more holistic understanding of why "feminism is for everybody." (That means men, too!)

Introduction to Trans* and Non-Binary Inclusion

Dave Wright '96, Skylar Bihl '08
Wyatt Hall, Room 204

This workshop will provide a basic introduction to contemporary language and practice designed to best include people who identify as trans* or gender non-binary. In addition, we will review campus resources and best practices to help participants develop increasingly inclusive and equitable work environments for trans* and non-binary students, colleagues, and clients.

Enrichment Workshops

11 a.m.

Functional Medicine: A Proactive, Comprehensive, Natural Way to Approach Health

Claudine Kubesh, M.D.
Trimble Forum, Trimble Hall

In this workshop you will learn about the difference between traditional health care and a functional medicine approach, ideal diets and the utility of supplements, and how to take back your health, including the possibility of getting off medications. 


Arianna Benitez
Dance Studio, Athletics and Aquatics Center, Rooms 227 and 228

Zumba is a Latino/a-inspired dance and fitness class that incorporates Latin American and international music and dance movements, which creates a dynamic, exciting, and effective fitness system. Zumba integrates some of the basic principles of aerobic, interval, and resistance training to maximize caloric output, cardiovascular benefits, and total-body toning. Zumba provides a vibrant, non-intimidating opportunity for dancers and non-dancers to participate in a group aerobics class. Add some Latino/a flavor, some international zest, and a dash of hip hop into the mix and you’ve got a Zumba class! Participants will learn choreography using such steps as Salsa, Cumbia, Merengue, Reggaeton, Hip Hop, Dancehall and more. No dancing experience necessary.

NOTE: A liability waiver form will need to be signed for any classes held in the Athletics and Aquatics Center. Please bring your Puget Sound ID card to enter the Athletics and Aquatics Center.

Titanic: The Greatest Shipwreck of All Time

Brad Payne
Wyatt Hall, Room 209

Learn about the most famous shipwreck in the world. This 90-minute class will focus on all aspects of the RMS Titanic, from conception to construction to its maiden voyage and its sinking. Topics include: the shipping industry and shipbuilding practices in the early twentieth century; a general overview of the ship's passengers and crew, and the society in which the ship was built; a detailed analysis of the sinking; and an overview of the aftermath that followed and the wreck as it was discovered and as it is now. All of this will be presented to educate about the importance of the Titanic disaster and the changes it caused, while also debunking long-believed myths.

Ready, Set, Make: The Courage to Create (Session 1)

Jada Pelger '96
Makerspace, Collins Memorial Library

NOTE: This session is currently full. Additional entries will be waitlisted.

Did you know that creative activities are good for your mental and emotional health? Take a leap and join us for a session in the new Makerspace at Collins Memorial Library to experiment with new technology, learn a new skill, discover your inner creative spirit, tinker, and have fun.

This session will provide an overview of the services in the new Makerspace, including 3D printing, soldering, sewing, and paper cutting. It will also introduce equipment, software, websites, and printed resources. In this session, you can create a personalized mug using decals made in the Makerspace.


1 p.m.

The Healing Power of Laughter Yoga

Michelle Kucera-Jewell, Samdhanakarana Yoga
Dance Studio, Athletics and Aquatics Center, Rooms 227 and 228

In this session we will experience the benefits of laughter yoga as Michelle guides participants through a brief presentation, followed by laughter yoga exercises, a laughter meditation, and a grounding meditation and sound bath. Anyone can laugh for no reason without relying on humor, and one can feel the benefits on the very first session! We initiate laughter as a body exercise in a group and with eye contact and childlike playfulness. It soon turns into real and contagious laughter. Scientific research shows that laughter yoga is good for your health:

  • It can change your mood within minutes by releasing endorphins in the brain.
  • It functions as an aerobic exercise, bringing more oxygen to the body and brain.
  • It reduces stress and strengthens the immune system.
  • Laughter helps to create a positive mental state to deal with negative situations and negative people. It gives hope and optimism to cope with difficult times.

NOTE: A liability waiver form will need to be signed for any classes held in the Athletics and Aquatics Center. Please bring your Puget Sound ID card to enter the Athletics and Aquatics Center. Please bring your own yoga mat. 

Reading Your Dog’s Mind

Anne Smith '06
Wyatt Hall, Room 208

"Why does my dog do that?!" If you have ever exclaimed that phrase before, then this session is for you. Get inside your dog's mind to understand where their behavior is coming from. Learn how to identify when a dog is getting stressed out BEFORE they decide to growl or use their teeth. Learn why your dog barks at your grandma, but not at your cousin. Learn why barking at the mail person is nearly impossible to solve... and more! 

The Power of Habit: A New Approach to Self-Care

Helen Fickes
Wyatt Hall, Room 203

Self-care is important. This is something that we already know. But where is the time? Our lives are already filled with packed schedules, a growing list of to-dos, and competing priorities. What's more, people are counting on us for this or that. How do we take care of ourselves while also getting everything done and taking care of others? And, even if we had the time, where do we start?

Are these the questions you are asking yourself these days? Let me be the first to congratulate you for doing so. It takes courage to ask the questions, to realize you long for more, AND to do something about it. Congratulations; you are the beginning of a wonderful journey! This workshop focuses on equipping you for the adventure AND building your courage, confidence, and belief to be successful. In this workshop, we will:

  • Explore the answers to the questions you are asking
  • Learn about new balance and wellness strategies and resources
  • Cultivate a self-care mindset that will help you achieve your goals
  • Craft a plan of action so that you can start making changes today

Exquisite Earrings for Every Day

Tammy Smith
Makerspace, Collins Memorial Library

NOTE: This session is currently full. Additional entries will be waitlisted.

Earrings are a great way to accessorize any outfit—add a touch of glamour for a special night out or spice up a jean outfit to hang out with friends. Best of all, they are pretty simple to make. Come explore your creative side with Tammy Smith in this beginner-friendly earring tutorial. You are guaranteed to leave with an exquisite pair of earrings and some helpful tips in case you want to continue the fun at home! Note: We will work with small parts and pieces.

Supervisory Workshops

11 a.m.

Leadership Skills for Holding Challenging Conversations (3 hours)

Betsy BeMiller
Wyatt Hall, Room 109

 This session will be recorded. 

For a leader, there are limitless opportunities to hold challenging conversations: proposing and implementing change, addressing sensitive issues with staff, third party complaints (that you haven’t witnessed), cliques forming within groups, gossip and rumoring, when others have incorrect information, when emotionally affected, when expectations are not being met, differences with peers (perceptions, objectives, practices), and differences with bosses (accountability, behavior, direction).

This workshop provides specific communication designs, skills, and practices to apply to everyday challenging conversations. Participants will focus on successfully holding challenging conversations while managing their own and others’ emotional reactions.


1 p.m.

Diversity and Leadership in the Workplace: Cultivating Literacy and Competence

(Supervisors Only)

Michael Benitez
Wyatt Hall, Room 201

The ability to develop cultural literacy and competency is important to organizational effectiveness. All effective organizations need culturally competent people, and research indicates that organizations that value and effectively lead diverse workforces are more likely to have increased productivity, a reduction in workforce turnover, and an edge in attracting talented people. Equally important is the leadership's ability to promote and develop the necessary cultural competency within the workforce. Like all professional competencies, cultural competency requires intentional engagement as part of ongoing professional growth. This session addresses key cultural competence elements and provides strategies for supervisors leading diverse workplaces.

The Change Journey: How to Help Your Staff Successively Embrace Change

Tasha Helton, Jamie Daniel
Wyatt Hall, Room 101

 This session will be recorded. 

   This session will use interactive polling. Please bring your mobile device.

This workshop will help supervisors identify the importance and benefits of change. We'll identify key components of the change journey, including the obstacles staff members must overcome in order to change, the misconceptions of change, and strategies for guiding change for staff. This session will encourage creativity and will help you display your own commitment to change.


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