Friday, Jan. 11

Conference Workshop Descriptions

All workshops are 60–90 minutes, unless noted otherwise. Check back soon for locations.

9 a.m

Crucial Conversations (2 hours)

NOTE: This course is full. Additional entries will be waitlisted.

Erin Ruff, Donelle Pearson
Collins Memorial Library, Room 017

A crucial conversation is a discussion between two or more people where stakes are high, opinions vary, and emotions run strong. Whatever the issue—from poor productivity or declining quality to lack of teamwork or strained relationships—it's likely that you will experience the effects of a poorly held conversation.  

During this highly interactive workshop you will be introduced to the basics of the Crucial Conversations concept.  We'll explore a set of tools to help you engage in conversations which build alignment and interpersonal communication will be the goal of this workshop.  

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the need for a crucial conversation
  • Speak in a way that allows for open dialogue with others
  • Move facts and stories to action for the purpose of finding common ground and resolving disagreements

Making Connections that Matter via LinkedIn

Jake Nelko, Sue Dahlin
McIntyre Hall, Room 324

LinkedIn is an incredibly valuable tool for professional networking in our roles at Puget Sound as well as in our personal lives. You can be a valuable resource to connect students, alumni, and professional colleagues with one another in some very simple ways. This session will touch on the basics of LinkedIn as a networking tool and teach participants the best ways to utilize this professional networking resource to stay connected with their network.

Zine Workshop

Lori Ricigliano, Tina McLeod
Archives Seminar Room, Collins Memorial Library

Zines are self-published forms of expression representing a diversity of identity, thought, perspective, and background. In this workshop, explore and reflect on a sampling of the library’s special collection of zines authored by people of color and have an opportunity to create your own zine.

11 a.m.

Escalation Workshop

Marta Cady
Collins Memorial Library, Room 017

The Escalation Workshop is a powerful, film-based workshop that opens people’s eyes to the warning signs of relationship abuse. Here are the facts: one in three women and one in four men will be in an abusive relationship in his or her lifetime, and the 16–24 age group is at a three times greater risk than any other age group. This engaging workshop provides education about the varied signs of abuse, sparking eye-opening discussions about what healthy and unhealthy relationships look like. Join the movement to end relationship violence.

Developing Your Career

Lora Poepping
Trimble Forum, Trimble Hall

In this workshop we will focus on YOU—and how you can jump start your career goals by leveraging your passion, natural talents, and strengths. Learn how to stand out through the art of networking and creating your own personal brand. As an integral part of the workshop you will learn how to drive your career success and satisfaction by delivering the best in YOU!

Beyond Deep Breaths: Stress Management for the 21st Century

NOTE: This course is full. Additional entries will be waitlisted.

Christine Hutchison, Mihaela Schneider
Collins Memorial Library, Room 118

Life is as busy and stressful as it ever has been, and what used to be our escapes are often sources of added stress (social media, reading the news). This workshop will focus on research-supported ways to actually deal with stressors big and small. There may even be laughter involved.


1 P.m.

Title IX

Tiffany Davis
Collins Memorial Library, Room 118

This course is intended to provide faculty and staff members with information regarding Title IX and its practical application on campus. You will leave the workshop with an understanding of Title IX, our campus policy prohibiting sexual misconduct, and how to report a Title IX violation.

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