Recreation Facilities Use

The University of Puget Sound offers access to a variety of recreational facilities for students, faculty, staff, and guests (with authorized facilities use cards) including the Athletics & Aquatics Center and Memorial Fieldhouse which houses the basketball courts, fitness center, indoor tennis pavilion, racquetball court and the swimming pool.  Access to the climbing wall is not included as part of the membership. 

Puget Sound students, faculty, and staff will have priority use for all facilities to hold classes, intercollegiate athletic practices or competition, intramurals or recreation activities, as well as special events by campus groups and organizations.  Household members of faculty/staff, including spouse/partners of students, are eligible to use the facilities.  Children 15 years and under must be accompanied by an adult at all times.   (A member of household is defined as spouse/partner or dependent/custodial children who reside in the home of the faculty/staff/student only.)

Access to Facilities

Students, faculty and staff are required to utilize the turn style with a valid and current university ID card to gain access to recreational facilities in the Athletics & Aquatics Center.  The doors to Memorial Fieldhouse cannot be accessed for recreational purposes.  All others (including household members) must present a valid Recreational Facilities Use Card with a photo ID for admittance.  Use cards may be obtained by contacting Tanna Masters in the main athletic office during normal business hours.  Recreational Facilities Use Cards are non-transferable.  Faculty, staff, and students may purchase guest passes for $10 for up to five times a year (must be purchased in the main athletic office during regular business hours).  

Non-University Persons: Only Logger Club members and Puget Sound Alumni are eligible to purchase an annual Recreational Facilities Use Card (individuals only, no family rates available).  There is a limited number of use cards sold each year.  Use cards are valid for a one-year period from July 1 – June 30.  All non-university persons must sign a waiver of liability form before a pass can be issued.   All card holders are required to present a photo I.D. for admittance.  

Locker Rooms:  Patrons may use the locker room space in the Fitness Center to change and store personal items.  Swimmers can use the swim locker rooms when not in use by team.  A gender-neutral locker room/shower is located off the back hallway by swim locker rooms.  All lockers are for day-use only and items cannot be left overnight.  

Information Sources and Court Reservations

General hours of operations can be found on the department website.   Hours are subject to change with notices posted on doors and website.  There are blocked times during peak hours for fitness center access for non-campus community members (M-F 3:00 – 6:00 p.m.)

Court Reservations:  Only individuals with a current membership may make tennis court reservations by calling the Patron Control Desk. Members must provide phone numbers.  All reservations are for one hour blocks and are scheduled on the hour. Court reservations take priority over walk-ons.  Reservations must be cancelled at least three hours before scheduled time.  Failure to do so may revoke reservation privileges. 

Patron Control Desk                  879-3401           Athletics Department Office       879-3140

Use Policies

  • Emergency exits are to be utilized only in the event of an emergency. Patrons are expected to enter/ exit through main entry control point. Individuals should become familiar with emergency exits, locations of AED, and fire alarms. Individuals are expected to comply with mandates to exit the building for emergency purposes and/or when fire alarms sound.
  • Individuals using the Fitness Center should ask for instruction before using any equipment for the first time.
  • Dress code for the Fitness Center / Tennis Courts:  No sleeveless tops, half-shirts, jeans, or sandals.  Fitness Center users must wear closed toe shoes at all times.   

  • Black soled shoes not permitted on tennis courts.

  • No food or beverages (except water) allowed in the fitness center, tennis pavilion or pool area. Smoking, or chew tobacco products are not permitted inside the Athletics & Aquatics Center.
  • Users are encouraged to use a spotter when using free weights.
  • Re-rack weights and put all bars, plates, dumbbells, collars, etc. in their proper location after use. No feet on the benches.
  • Free weights and Hammer Strength equipment are required to use clips and pins; dumbbells and free weights must be placed down (dropping and throwing items are will not be tolerated).
  • Users may not conduct any exercise in an up-side-down position (e.g., hand stands).
  • Users must wipe down mats, cardio and weight equipment after use with available towels and cleaning solution.
  • Store personal items in cubicles along wall in Fitness Center. Lockers in all locker rooms are for day use only and users must provide own locks.
  • Please keep hallways and entrances clear of physical activity (activity such as sit-ups, medicine ball use, etc., should be conducted within the Fitness Center. Items should not be placed against a wall.
  • Individuals may not conduct private lessons on the premises.
  •  Pool Users:
    • Guests may be subject to a swim assessment conducted by a lifeguard to determine ability for safety purposes.
    • Guests are expected to cooperate with the lifeguards at all times and being conscientious of the safety of others.
    • Guests are required to shower before getting into the water.
    • There is no running, pushing or horseplay allowed on the pool deck or locker rooms.
    • Guests are discouraged from wearing jewelry.
    • There is no diving into water that is less than seven feet deep, and no diving/jumping from the starting blocks.
    • Guests are asked not to swim with open cuts or sores on their person.
    • Please do not swim under the bulkhead structure, and do not hang onto the lane lines.
    • Spectators should remain in the stands if not swimming.

Important Notices:

Please consult with a physician before participating in any type of physical activity.  Puget Sound will not be held responsible for injuries sustained in the Athletics & Aquatics Center.  The University reserves the right to limit or revoke guest privileges and/or use of facilities. Puget Sound is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items.  Please report any damaged equipment to an attendant.  Damaged or broken equipment should not be used. 

The Athletics & Aquatics Center has a zero tolerance for violence or intimidation of any sort.  Any physical abuse of any person or conduct that threatens or endangers the health and safety of others will result in immediate removal, and possible cancellation of membership. 




Revised: 9/2017

Owner: Physical Education/Athletics and Recreation
Contact: Director of Physical Education/Athletics and Recreation