Media Policy

Newspapers, television and other media can be a powerful source of advancing the name of the university, and the Office of Communications is actively engaged in a program of placing stories and promoting the institution. Faculty and staff are often involved in work or research that may interest the media or have expertise in areas of topical interest. In either of these cases the communications office is happy to assist in helping place stories or arranging for interviews, and individuals may contact the office directly for assistance at 253.879.3298. The media often contact faculty or staff members directly based on prior experience. This practice is not discouraged, though faculty or staff members should inform the communications office of such media contacts.

If faculty or staff members are approached directly by the media, they should refer the call to the communications office-that is common institutional policy. Exceptions are if the question is simple such as the date of an event or deadline, or if a reporter is seeking their professional expertise on current events in the news. All inquiries seeking reactions to institutional decisions or other matters should be directed to the communications office. It is common practice to tell reporters that their questions should be directed to the Office of Communications (253.879.3298).

Origination Date: 1/1984
Revised: 5/2004

Owner: Office of Communications
Contact: Director of Communications