Key Control Policy


This policy is designed to facilitate the issuance of keys on a need basis, to define responsibility for issuance and collection of keys, and to encourage responsible care of keys by key holders.


University Key(s): Those keys which open university-controlled buildings and facilities. This normally excludes keys to lockers, desks or cabinets.

Key Control File: Records maintained by Security Services identifying keys by number and lock access and listing persons in possession of specific university keys.

Key Schedule: A system of lock design, through the use of key codes within a series of limited combinations, to provide controlled access to rooms or areas of a building.

Types of Keys:

  • GrandMaster - operates all locks in a particular key way in the university system.
  • Master - operates all locks in a particular building or area.
  • Sub-Master - operates all locks within a department or area in the building.
  • Operating - operates individual locks in buildings.
  • Residential - provides access to residential areas on campus.
  • Academic - provides access to academic areas or buildings on campus.


Security Services:

  • Maintains all key control files and records.
  • In coordination with department heads and the university's locksmith, develops key schedules that provide access to university facilities, yet maintains a high level of building security.
  • Securely stores all unassigned or unused university keys.
  • Inventories and issues all residential keys in bulk to residential programs at the beginning of each school year.
  • Investigates loss or theft of university keys when possible.
  • Reports all key losses or thefts to department heads and to the director of Human Resources and affirmative action when appropriate.
  • Recommends, approves, or denies requests for key changes. This is done in coordination with the university's locksmith and the appropriate department head.
  • Furnishes department heads, upon request, a list of all persons in possession of department keys.
  • Collects deposits on keys issued when required and prepares refund paperwork upon return.
  • Monitors all issued keys to ensure their return by specified date when appropriate.

Facilities Services:

  • Purchases, maintains, and installs locks and other door hardware.
  • Develops key schedules in coordination with the director of Security Services and department heads.
  • Informs and coordinates with the director of Security Services, all requests for lock changes.
  • Manufactures keys, as requested by Security Services, for storage or issue.

Student Development:

  • Approves requests, and facilitates appropriate billing, for replacement of residential keys.
  • Reports all lost or stolen keys to the director of Security Services.
  • Assists Security Services in the annual issuing and collecting of residential keys.
  • Coordinates with the director of Security Services and the university's locksmith large scale re-keying efforts in residential areas.

Department Heads:

  • Authorize, by completing and signing a University of Puget Sound Key Authorization Card, the issuance of all keys to rooms and areas under the department's control.
  • Conducting an annual review of all keys used by the department is encouraged. Upon request, the director of Security Services will prepare a list of all department key holders. The list should be used to verify that key holders still have a need for keys they possess.
  • Per Human Resources' "Notice of Termination of Employment" form, instruct all terminating faculty and staff members to personally return university keys to Security Services. Verification should be made with Security Services to ensure all keys have been returned.
  • Report lost, stolen or missing department keys to Security Services immediately upon discovery. Security Services is open 24 hours.
  • Consult with the director of Human Resources and affirmative action regarding appropriate corrective action when a staff member has lost department keys. Consult with the academic vice president and dean of the university regarding appropriate corrective action when a faculty member has lost department keys. Refer to the Staff Policies and Procedures Manual or the Faculty Code.

Human Resources:

  • Assists department heads when necessary to implement university policies pertaining to stewardship of university property.

Key Holders:

  • Sign one Key Authorization Card for each key received acknowledging the key responsibility statement on the back of each card.
  • Maintain personal possession of issued university keys. Keys are not to be lent to others for any reason.
  • Report loss or theft of keys to the appropriate department head and Security Services immediately upon discovery.
  • Personally return all keys in possession to Security Services upon termination of employment from the university or upon transfer to another department. Keys should also be returned to Security Services if they are no longer needed to perform daily job-related responsibilities.
  • Students will pay a $10 deposit on each key issued. Deposits are refunded upon return of key(s). Students needing a key(s) to perform a job on campus, or to conduct research for which they receive a stipend, will agree to a $10.00 fine per key if the key(s) is lost or not returned by the specified date.

General Guidelines

Criteria for Issuing Keys:

  • The director of Security Services will make final approval on all keys issued.
  • Approval is based on the following factors:
    a) frequency access is needed to facility or area
    b) hours building or area is routinely unlocked
    c) availability of Security Services or department to provide access
    d) employment or student status at the university.

Key Request/Issuing Process:

  • Department heads will initiate a key request by signing an authorization card and sending both copies to Security Services. One card should be completed for each key.
  • Security Services will approve requests and prepare keys for issuing each Wednesday. Keys will be made available for pick-up each Thursday. Keys must be personally picked-up by the individual requesting the key. university identification must be presented at the time of key issuing.
  • Key holders must sign the request card acknowledging receipt and responsibility statement.

Miscellaneous Information:

  • The department head should approve the issue of the lowest level of key possible to satisfy access needs.
  • The issuing of sub-master keys should be avoided when possible.
  • No more than one key to the same area or room should be issued to the same person.
  • Keys are university property and may be reclaimed at any time.

Origination Date: 8/1986
Revised: 7/1995

Owner: Security Services
Contact: Director of Security Services