Sponsored and Hosted Campus Events

Interim Policy Due to COVID-19

The University of Puget Sound’s educational experience is enriched by sponsoring visits by guests, speakers, scholars, artists, entertainers and other visitors who further deepen the intellectual, creative, and social opportunities for students, faculty, staff, and community members.

However, given the continuing pandemic and the guidance from the state of Washington’s  "PROCLAMATION BY THE GOVERNOR AMENDING PROCLAMATIONS 20-05 AND 20-12" or "20-12.1 Higher Education – Fall 2020" mandate, the university will have to adapt its practices in the areas campus events since limiting the density of the on-campus population reduces the chances of incidental contact that could spread illness.

As part of the state’s higher education reopening guidelines, universities are expected to:

  • Maintain minimum physical distancing whenever possible of 6 feet between all on-campus personnel, including with visitors, and where physical distancing cannot be maintained, implement administrative or engineering controls to minimize exposure;
  • Implement and maintain a self-certification program through which students and personnel are asked to self-certify that they have experienced no COVID-19 symptoms since last visit to campus facility;
  • Develop response protocols for students, personnel, and visitors reporting symptoms and/or are confirmed to have COVID-19;
  • Follow state reopening guidelines for travel;
  • Limit or prohibit visitors;
  • Post visible entry point signage for students, personnel, and visitors describing shared on-campus responsibilities, to include guidance regarding proper hygiene and sanitization, physical distancing and PPE guidance, staying home if feeling sick, information on how and when to report concerns, and other information as appropriate or required; and
  • Follow Washington state phased reopening guidelines for gathering sizes.
  • Depending on the approved phase, other requirements may be in place.

As a result of these expectations, and to reduce the risk of bringing cases of COVID-19 to campus and minimizing risks of transmission among groups, the university strongly discourages in-person sponsored and hosted events at this time and instead strongly encourages remote sponsored and hosted events, including those interacting with students remotely in classes. Technology Services can be contacted for a consultation regarding livestream capabilities, especially for those events likely to attract 50 or more audience members. Technology Services requires at least one week notice, preferably two, for events requiring support.

Events occurring on campus must follow physical distancing requirements, and must take into account the maximum occupancy of the room, which must allow attendees to maintain at least 6 feet of distance between participants. All attendees must be masked, and no food or beverage should be served. On-campus events also must adhere to the Safe Start mandates governing crowd size.

All requests to reserve meeting or event space must be made through the 25 Live system, regardless of the location of the space. All requests for meeting and event space will be evaluated according to the consistency of the planned event with the university’s physical distancing and other health protocols. Requests for meetings and events will be approved by the provost/area vice presidents only if they can be arranged in a manner that meets the university’s physical distancing and other health protocols and offer a unique in-person opportunity for the campus. Please obtain approval prior to reserving campus space and working with Facilities Services in room setup. In these cases, food or beverage cannot be served at the event. Visitors must comply with all COVID-19 health and safety guidelines during travel and while on campus.

As previously communicated June 23, campus spaces cannot be reserved for use by outside groups at this time.