Healthcare Reform - Individual Mandate

The Affordable Care Act is complicated and you may have questions about how it impacts you, your family and your benefits.  There are two things you should know.

First, most Americans are required to have health insurance (this requirement started on January 1, 2014). In 2017, individuals who do not purchase coverage and do not qualify for an exemption will pay the greater of 2.5% of your annual household income or $695 per person ($347.50 per child).  The Health Insurance Marketplace was created for individuals who have no access to affordable coverage to purchase health insurance.

Second, since Puget Sound pays the full cost of your employee medical premiums, the medical plan is considered affordable coverage and neither you nor any family members are eligible for the federal subsidies available in the Health Insurance Marketplace, even if you choose not to enroll in Puget Sound's plan.

Please refer to the information at the bottom of this web page for general information.  For additional information contact Human Resources ( or 253.879.3369).


Helpful Resources

There are several resources available to assist you with questions about the ACA-sponsored health benefit exchanges:

State of Washington exchange

State of Washington health plan finder (or call 1.855.WAFINDER)

Jeff Johnson at 253.249.7846 or

JBJ Insurance Flyer

Health Benefit Exchange Options

Now that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) is in effect, there is a new way to buy health insurance. You will see these health care options referred to as the “health insurance marketplace,” the “health benefit exchange,” or simply “the exchange.” To assist you in evaluating options for you and your family, this notice provides some basic information about health care options available through the exchange.