NIC Exchange Scholarships

Scholarship Program Summary

NIC Exchange is an agreement among the five northwest independent liberal arts colleges (Puget Sound, Lewis and Clark, Reed, Whitman, and Willamette) through which eligible faculty or staff member’s dependents could apply for tuition exchange scholarships after the faculty/staff member met eligibility requirements defined in the Education Benefits Policy. 

The NIC Exchange scholarship program is ending.  The fall 2015 semester was the last time new scholarships could be awarded. Those with current NIC Exchange scholarships will be allowed to continue as if the agreement remained in place.  

 NIC Exchange Agreement

This is the version of the agreement last updated in 1989 and will be in place until the exchange program is discontinued. No new scholarships will be granted under this program after fall 2015 semester.

This agreement, between Lewis & Clark College, Portland, Oregon; Reed College, Portland, Oregon; University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, Washington; Whitman College, Walla Walla, Washington; and Willamette University, Salem, Oregon, hereinafter called “The Institutions,”

IS ENTERED INTO to provide a means for dependents of employees of The Institutions to attend others of The Institutions without payment of tuition subject to the following provisions:

  1. Eligible ParticipantsParticipation is limited to dependent children (as defined in the Internal Revenue Code) of eligible employees (including all full-time employee categories who meet continuous service requirements specified by the institution) of The Institutions who wish to apply for full time undergraduate programs.
  2. TuitionThe benefit will include only tuition.  All other fees and costs must be borne by the eligible participants.
  3. Time LimitAny one eligible participant will be limited to a maximum of 8 semesters or 12 quarters or 12 terms on the 4-1-4 system or the coursework equivalent.  A break in continuous enrollment will make a student subject to differential limits and to institutional withdrawal from the agreement (a new approval form must be initiated).
  4. Outside-Funded Financial AidEligible participants may be required by the host institution to apply for and accept any available outside-funded grant or scholarship.
  5. Acceptance of ParticipantsEligible participants will be accepted at any of The Institutions provided they have met the normal admission standards of the institution applied to and that the institution applied to has not reached the differentials defined below.
  6. DifferentialsAn institution will accept up to five more participants from any other institution than it sends to that institution in a particular semester.  In the event that the cumulative differential between any two institutions reaches thirty (30) student-semesters, the receiving institution need not accept any new students from the sending institution until the cumulative differential reaches fifteen (15) student semesters.

THIS AGREEMENT does not provide for any cash remittance between The Institutions.  Any of The Institutions may withdraw from this agreement by giving written notice to the other institutions at least sixty (60) days before the start of the term for which withdrawal will be effective. Any eligible students covered by the agreement at the time of withdrawal of an institution will be allowed to continue as if the agreement remained in force unless there is a break in the student’s attendance.