Steps For Your Freshman Dependent

  • Prior to September of your dependent's senior year in high school, find out what school(s) your dependent is interested in attending (there is no limit on how many schools your dependent may list on the application).
  • Submit admission applications to the school(s) of interest, based on the application deadline communicated by each school.
  • Review the IRS's definition of a dependent.
  • If your child meets the IRS definition of a dependent and you meet eligibility requirements as outlined in the Education Benefits Policy, complete an Application for Education Benefits form and submit it to Human Resources (Campus Mail Box #1064). Please do this during the fall of your dependent's senior year of high school.
  • If your dependent child is applying for a TE exchange scholarship, your dependent will be notified of tuition exchange scholarship decisions once those determinations have been made, typically in mid-March. Tuition exchange scholarships are subject to program limitations and are not guaranteed.
  • When your dependent decides which school to attend, please email Human Resources or call 253.879.3296.