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Gender Studies

As the home to one of the nation's first Women's Studies programs, the University of Puget Sound has a long tradition of exploring issues pertaining to gender and sexuality. The current Gender Studies program enriches and expands the college's curriculum by illuminating the ways in which gender and multiple other converging axes of identity frame every aspect of life.
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The Geology Department at Puget Sound consists of five faculty members and roughly 25 majors. Our size enables us to offer a broad spectrum of classes while at the same time maintaining a close-knit and collegial learning environment.
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German Studies

n the age of globalization, the cultural experience of the migrant is defining more and more what it means to be human. This is why the German Studies faculty believes that sustained immersion in a different culture is essential to a modern education, regardless of major. 
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Grants Office

Provides resources to assist in procuring grant funds to support research, programs, projects, and initiatives to achieve the university's mission.
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