Finance & Administration


The Division of Finance and Administration provides stewardship, services, and support functions to advance Puget Sound’s mission and goals. We seek to provide exceptional and continuously improving services that strengthen Puget Sound’s community of learning and operational effectiveness.

The division, led by Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Sherry Mondou and consisting of approximately 260 dedicated staff members and 350 student staff, is an integrated group of teams who support students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community. Our teams include Business Services, Bookstore, Career and Employment Services, Community Engagement, Dining and Conference Services, Facilities Services, Finance, Human Resources, Mail Services, Security Services, and Technology Services. See links to departments and organizational chart at right.

Division Core Values

  • Collaboration
    Together we are more effective; together we clear the path for student success.
  • Community
    We reach out to others and value our diverse community; we seek mutual trust and respect.
  • Integrity
    We are honest, ethical, fair, open-minded, and authentic; we do the right thing.
  • Expertise
    We continuously learn and expect professional mastery and superior performance; we take measured risks to optimize results.
  • Initiative
    We anticipate needs, regularly reexamine assumptions, and put forth our best ideas; we assess what we are doing in the context of the college’s mission and goals, and an ever-changing environment.
  • Nimbleness
    We are alert, resourceful, innovative, and adaptable; we act with quick easy grace.
  • Reliability
    We take ownership of our responsibilities and goals and we do what we say we will do; we deliver outstanding results.
  • Wellness
    We attend to our well-being, seek sustainable solutions, and find joy in our work.