Zero-Waste Events

Sustainability Services invites you to host your own Zero-Waste Event!

Why host a Zero-Waste Event?

There are many reasons, but here are the top three!

1) Make a statement about caring for our environment and community;

2) Educate event participants on waste reduction strategies;

3) Help the university divert waste from the landfill.

Who can host a zero-waste event?
Anyone! Students, departments, community organizations, etc. are all encouraged to make their events zero-waste!

Simply email us at least two weeks before the event* letting us know the size of the event and what help you would like making your event zero-waste!

How do you host a zero-waste event?
Email Sustainability Services with at least two weeks advanced notice to let us know more about the nature of your event. We can provide “zero-waste event” signage as well as food waste and recycling bins. We’ll also coordinate with Dining and Conference Services if there is a need for reusable or compostable dishware. Please let us know if you’d like us to staff the event to help direct waste materials to the appropriate bins. 

Make the zero-waste pledge!
By hosting a zero-waste event, you’re agreeing to the following:

1)     Reduce the use of excessive packaging and single-use materials.

2)     Reuse event materials whenever possible.

3)     Recycle and/or compost items when appropriate.


*If your event is at the very beginning of the school year, during Earth Week, or at the very end of the school year, we will need to know up to a month in advance, as those times are very busy for us. Thank you for your understanding.