2016 Winners!

2016 Winners!

Congratulations to Pi Beta Phi Sorority for winning the second annual Greeks Go Green Competition! With more than 250 posts highlighting sustainable practices ranging from reduced water usage, walking or biking instead of driving, and using sustainable dishware, these ladies definitely went green!

Greeks Go Green

Greeks Go Green is an annual Instagram competition between Greek houses aiming to promote sustainable actions in the everyday lives of students!

 What is it? 

Greeks Go Green is a sustainability competition between all fraternities and sororities on our campus.  Over two weeks leading up to Earth Day, fraternity and sorority members will post pictures and videos of their house doing sustainable actions throughout campus on Instagram. Starting in 2016, the winning house will have a tree planted on campus in their honor to represent their house-wide dedication to sustainability. 


This program supports positive behavior change through competition and social media interaction. Not only do students make more conscious sustainable decisions, but by posting pictures of their sustainable efforts on social media, it can spark a conversation about sustainability throughout the whole campus.

How do I win points for my house?

  • Post 1 photo per day of each house member doing sustainable actions around campus
  • Get points from every house member in the photo! 20 sisters/ brothers went to box castle? 20 points!
  • Tag the photos #upsgreeksgogreen16
  • Tag @UPSustainability to make sure we see them!
  • Make sure you say which house you're from post from OR post from a house Instagram account
  • The house with the highest percent participation will win!

What should I post?

  • Ordering your drink for here or bringing your own mug in Diversions or Oppenheimer
  • Riding your bike to class
  • Attending Earth Week events!
  • Refilling your reusable water bottle
  • Putting old batteries in a plastic baggie and putting it in the glass bin
  • Taking the lid off of your glass bottle before placing it in the glass bin
  • Cleaning out recyclable plastic before disposing of it
  • Any actions that demonstrate zero-waste techniques and a sustainable attitude

 BE CREATIVE! You may get extra credit points if we laugh :)