Battle of the Bulbs

Battle of the Bulbs is an energy conservation competition hosted by Facilities Services. Residence Halls compete to see who can save the most energy by adopting energy efficiency behaviors. The winner of the competition receives a grand prize of a zero-waste pizza party. Throughout the competition, flash prizes are awarded to those who signed our Energy Conservation Pledge available to sign during the first weeks of the competition. The flash prizes consisted of hand-crank flashlights, all-natural body-care baskets, LED light bulbs, smart power-strips, and shower timers! The winner of the first annual Battle of the Bulbs competition for 2016 is Thomas Hall. Congratulations!

How was the winner calculated?

The Energy Program within Facilities Services has an aim to maximize energy efficiency and engage with the campus community on ways to reduce energy consumption. It is the task of the Resource Conservation Manager within the Energy Program to track energy usage on campus, both electricity and natural gas, on a weekly basis by checking the meters.

The competition lasted for the month of October. First, a baseline energy usage for each residence hall was determined by tracking the meters in the month of September. Next, energy usage was measured for the month of October for each hall. All consumption data was converted to BTUs (British Thermal Unit) for accurate comparisons between energy sources and buildings. To see which residence hall decreased their energy usage the most, the percent decrease from September to October was calculated, and then divided by the number of people in the residence hall. By comparing energy consumption for each hall to itself the previous month, and by comparing the differences by percent-per-person, variations in energy efficiency between the halls were accounted for.

Now that the competition is over, how to I continue saving energy? Should I?

Yes! With an increasing amount of personal electronic devices, compounded with a growing concern of the scarcity of our natural resources, it is always a smart thought to attempt to conserve energy and increase efficiency. Interested in learning how to adopt energy efficiency behaviors into your daily routine? Visit our main page!