About Us

The Energy Program within Facilities Services is aimed to conserve resources, maximize energy efficiency, and engage with the campus community on ways that students, staff, and faculty can reduce their energy consumption. As a developing program, we hope to advance Puget Sound's current sustainable practices with new technologies that will secure a safe and clean future for generations to come. We are a collaborative effort between the electrical and engineering staff, the Sustainability & Energy Manager, and the student Resource Conservation Manager.

Facilities Services works to identify ways to reduce energy consumption and increase efficiency, whether it be with new construction or with existing buildings. Older buildings on campus can be retrofitted with more efficient lighting, or with upgrades to the HVAC systems. In addition to department-level conservation efforts, members of the Puget Sound community must do their part to conserve energy.

Energy Program Team Members

Sage Haynes

Sustainability & Energy Manager

In addition to overseeing Sustainability Services, the Sustainability & Energy Manager manages the utility and energy needs for the campus. This includes tracking the utility billing, communicating with the City of Tacoma's utility companies, and ensuring that energy efficiency is a top priority for both new construction and the retrofitting of existing buildings.
Mechanical Shop
Within the Mechanical Shop, the Facilities Engineers oversee the management of the buildings operating and HVAC systems. The Mechanical Shop performs regular maintenance on these systems, ensuring that the buildings on campus are running efficiently.
Electrical Shop

The electricians within the Electrical Shop work to install energy efficient lighting, such as the LED streetlight project completed in 2016, and ensure that the current lighting and electrical controls and wiring are functioning properly.
Custodial Services
Custodial Services helps promote energy conservation by scheduling cleaning hours during building operating hours. This prevents buildings from using excess energy to light the interior.
Environmental Health & Safety The Environmental Health & Safety staff ensures that building retrofits and energy efficiency projects are up to code are environmentally safe.

If something in your building is not working properly or needs maintenance, please call the Facilities Help Desk at 253.879.3713 or email workorders@pugetsound.edu.