Conference Services Rates Schedule for Summer 2017

These rates apply to programs with overnight guests.

Thomas Hall Lodging (per person, per night)
Single rooms in nine to fourteen person suites with three or four baths.
$57.00 per person, per night includes VIP linen service.
Discounted rate of $55.00 available for groups whose overall programs stay for five nights or more.

Trimble Hall Lodging (per person, per night)
Single rooms in five to six person suites with one or two baths.
$54.00 per person, per night includes VIP linen service.
Discounted rate of $50.00 available for groups whose overall programs stay for five nights or more.

Residence Hall Lodging ( per person, per night)

2 - 4 Nights

5 or More Nights

With Linen Without Linen With Linen Without Linen

Single: $43.00

Single: $33.00

Single: $41.00

Single: $31.00

Multiple: $35.00

Multiple: $24.00

Multiple: $33.00

Multiple: $23.00

Lodging rates include:

  • Single or multiple occupancy room (most rooms are double, there are a few triples and one quad room on campus)
  • 24 hour campus security 
  • Internet access ports in every room (for use with your own computer)

Facility Fees (per person, per day)

2 - 4 Nights Lodging

5 or More Nights Lodging



Facility fee includes:

  • Meeting room use and most set ups
  • Most audio-visual equipment use and support
  • Parking*
  • Free use of recreational facilities, including fitness center and indoor pool
  • Wi-fi access
  • Directional signs to guide guests to parking for your registration
  • On-site registration service
  • Individual attention for your meeting planner by one of our staff

* For larger groups using certain facilities on campus, a parking management plan may be required and the group may be charged for the labor to operate it. However, individual guests are never charged for parking on campus. We do not require a parking management plan from over 95% of groups.

Board (regular meals)

2 - 4 Nights Lodging

5 or More Nights Lodging

Breakfast: $8.35

Breakfast: $7.75

Lunch: $10.30

Lunch: $9.85

Dinner: $12.30

Dinner: $11.70

A meal package is required for each night stayed. Special catered meals may be substituted for any regular meals, provided the price of the catered meal is at least the same as the board rate. Discounted board packages may be set up for commuting participants if desired, or commuters may purchase meals at the door.

Board fees include:

  • Meals prepared and served by our privately owned and operated kitchens
  • Vegetarian and vegan selections at every meal
  • Daily choices from different menu stations, including deli, grill, Italian, Latin America and Asian stations
  • Fresh fruit and salad bar
  • Selection of different desserts
  • Self-serve beverages: sodas, juices, teas and coffees
  • Special dietary needs addressed upon request

Appropriate sales tax will be charged on all food. The current sales tax in Tacoma is 9.6%.

Important information

Minimum Dining Plan
Meals are required for each overnight stay.

Meal Cash Rates
Rates quoted above are for formal meal plans arranged in advance only. Commuters who wish to eat meals may pay at the door for the following rates: Breakfast, $9.10; Lunch, $11.00; Dinner, $12.95.

Sales Tax
Sales tax of 10.1% will be added to any food service rates and some rental charges. If sales tax increases, the above cash meal rates may change.

Additional Facility Fees
The Concert Hall and Athletic facilities (such as the Fieldhouse) have additional charges associated with their use. Charges for Concert Hall use for the summer of 2017 are $150 per day plus $25 per hour of use. Rates cannot be prorated. Charges for the Fieldhouse (and other athletic facilities) will be $1 per person, per day, in addition to the daily facilities fees stated above. These charges also apply to commuting participants that are attending a program which has primarily overnight participants.

Additional Staffing Fees
Some areas on campus are closed for summer and/or weekend use. If these spaces are requested and available they are subject to a staffing fee of $25/hour per staff member. Facilities that would require extra staffing; Kilworth Memorial Chapel, Kittredge Gallery, Oppenheimer Cafe and some areas of the Fieldhouse/Athletics space. 

Linen Package
In regular residence halls, rates designated as "with linen" include one pillow, two blankets, two flat sheets, one pillowcase, one bath towel, and one hand towel; daily towel exchange, and weekly bedding exchange.

"VIP Linen" (provided in Thomas and Trimble Halls only) includes the above linen items, with beds made up upon arrival. Towels for the entire stay are delivered before check in time to each bedroom; additional towels may be requested at any time. VIP Service also includes a special chocolate treat, soap and bottled water.