Planning Timeline

If you wish to hold a program here at the University of Puget Sound, please fill out and submit an application as soon as possible. Links to PDF versions are to the left under Conference Applications or you may contact us to have an application faxed or mailed to you. Filling out an application does not bind you to accept facilities from us; however, as our facilities are reserved on a first-request basis, submitting your application will hold your place so that other organizations do not take the dates you prefer until after you have made your decision. For more information, send us an e-mail message.

Following is a chronological outline of the planning process for programs taking place on the University of Puget Sound campus. A separate checklist for University of Puget Sound deadlines also exists; it is tailored to each group and is sent to each program separately along with the Preliminary Arrangements Form.

  1. An interested party ("program") submits an official University of Puget Sound application for consideration.

  2. The application is reviewed by a committee of affected departments and the program is granted or denied permission based on the information that is contained on the application.

  3. Conference Services sends notification to the program with information on whether or not the program is approved.

  4. If approved, Conference Services sends a Welcome Letter and Time Line. If not approved, Conference Services sends a letter to explain why.

  5. In the fall prior to the summer in which the program is scheduled to take place (or later if the application is sent in later), Conference Services sends a "Preliminary Arrangements Form" to the program. While it may look somewhat like one, this is not a contract. The form summarizes the information that we have gathered regarding the program's wants and needs. It is very important for the program to review this form thoroughly and correct any mistakes; information gathered is used to create the contract.

  6. Along with the Preliminary Arrangements Form, Conference Services sends a "Deadline Information Sheet" that is specific to the program. Each of the required deadlines will be noted along with the precise date that the information must be submitted to the Conference Services office. It is very important that the program submits all deadline information in a timely manner so that Conference Services can provide the best possible assistance to the program.

  7. At the beginning of the calendar year in which the program takes place, Conference Services will send the contract. The contract is a legally binding document and may only be signed by someone authorized to make agreements on behalf of the organization. In addition, making notations on the contract may render it invalid, so questions or concerns should immediately be addressed with Conference Services.

  8. At the time the contract is due (between 14 and 30 days after it is sent), a non-refundable booking deposit is required. The deposit amount for each group is specified in Section II-E. Please note this is the first time that any moneys are required. Up to this time, the program may cancel without any financial obligation.

  9. If the program finds it necessary to cancel, fees charged are as follows: 1) After the contract is returned but before 60 days prior to the first day of the program, the deposit is forfeited; 2) Between 59 days and 30 days prior to the first day of the program, a fee of 50% of what the total estimated lodging and board charges would have been will be charged; 3) Between 29 days and the last day of the program: 100% of the estimated lodging and board charges for the guaranteed number of participants will be charged.

  10. Two months prior to the first day of the program, the university must receive updated numbers of participants, both resident and commuting. At this time, the university will also request a preliminary schedule of activities for the program.

  11. In late spring, Conference Services hires a complete staff of students, called "Conference Assistants," to handle the actual implementation and management of our summer programs. One of the Conference Assistants, under the supervision of the Manager and Assistant Manager, will be assigned to the program and will become the primary point of contact with the university. He or she will be available to support the program on a 24-hour basis.

  12. As soon as program assignments are made, the program will be contacted by the university Conference Assistant that will be supporting the program. The Conference Assistant will give the program all necessary contact information, and will work on finalizing any details that have not yet been solidified.

  13. Approximately one month before the program arrives, Conference Services will send housing assignment sheets and residence hall floor plans. Programs may also request that Conference Services do the housing assignments. Completed housing assignment sheets or participant lists are due at Conference Services by no later than five business days before the first day of the program.

  14. 30 days before the first day of the program, the university must receive—in writing—the guaranteed numbers of participants (resident and commuting) for the program.

  15. Two weeks before the first day of the program, the university must receive—in writing—the guaranteed numbers of participants (resident and commuting) who will have meal plans during the program. At this time, we also require a list of participants with special dietary needs and what those needs are.

  16. When the program's staff members arrive, Conference Services staff will meet with them to answer any questions, make any final arrangements, and ensure that all the preparations are going as planned. Written documentation of arrangements will be given to the program as well.

  17. Before the end of the program, the Conference Assistant will give the program an estimated invoice and detailed billing information. The program will have ten days to review the materials to make any necessary corrections or changes.

  18. Should the program wish to return in subsequent years, a request for dates for the next desired year should be made as soon as possible. Reservation of future dates does not obligate the program to accept them, but does set aside space on the future calendar.

  19. After the program's review of the billing materials, the Conference Assistant will send the program a confirmed invoice. Payment for this invoice is due within ten days after the program receives it.

One further important note: up until the end of May, the program will work directly with Conference Services' full-time staff or our part-time office staff member. Once the summer staff is hired, the program should try whenever possible to communicate with whichever staff member is assigned to them for support. However, all are welcome to ask questions of whoever answers the telephone. If the program's primary support person is out of the office, it does not mean that the program has to wait for answers to any questions!

For more information about the campus, program or services, you are welcome to visit our website. It has useful information (such as directions, maps and policies) to help answer many questions you might have. In addition, if you have any suggestions as to material we should provide, please feel free to contact us!

Thanks again for choosing the University of Puget Sound for your program. We wish you the best of luck in your planning process!