Posting & Decorating Policy

This policy is intended to promote safe and effective sign mounting as well as to prevent damage to, or unnecessary clean up of university facilities. This policy applies to both indoor and outdoor signs, and is valid in all University of Puget Sound facilities.

Material to use for posting

On Glass
Signs may not be hung on glass surfaces, nor may they anchored on glass to hang over other surfaces. No materials may be stuck to glass surfaces for any reason.

On Painted Surfaces
Signs may be adhered with posting putty (e.g. “funtak”) or poster tape only. (Poster tape, as opposed to posting tape, is made specifically for holding up posters without damaging paint—3M makes this and other brands may also. Note again that this is not posting tape.)

On Brick Surfaces
Signs may be posted with posting putty, masking tape or scotch tape.

On Drapes or Fabric Furnishings
Nothing may be attached to drapes or fabric furnishings, no matter what materials are used (straight pins, push pins, safety pins nor velcro may be used, nor may tape, posting putty, string, or anything else). This creates a fire hazard and is strictly enforced for the safety of our guests.

Specific materials regulations

  • Banners may be hung against walls and doors as long as they do not inhibit access to and from rooms.

  • Poster putty is allowed on all surfaces which can have posting materials. The university prefers that you use poster putty (and preferably the white variety) rather than any other substance on wood and painted surfaces.

  • Scotch tape is not allowed on any surfaces other than brickwork.

  • Masking tape is not allowed on woodwork, painted surfaces, or windows. It is allowed on brickwork.

  • Streamers may be placed around the door frames and along walls as long as they don't block doorways. Because of fire code issues, they may not be strung across doorways, windows or hallways. Streamers and banners may be hung from residence hall stairwell banisters as long as they don't hinder access in the lobbies.

  • Ceilings may not have anything hung from them (balloons, banners, streamers, etc.).

  • Elevators may have no materials posted in or on them other than official university postings.

Violation of posting regulations

If a violation of posting regulations occurs, we will notify the program director(s) as soon as possible. Normally, we will allow a short amount of time for the program to correct the situation without penalty. However, if there are gross violations of the regulations or violations which pose fire or safety hazards, university personnel will remove posted materials immediately. In the case where university personnel must remove materials, a charge will be assessed to the program (User).

Removal of posted material

Any materials that are posted must be removed and properly disposed of by participants and/or staff of the program before the group's departure. Any materials that are not removed or are removed but are not properly disposed of will be taken down by university staff; a charge for this will be billed to the program.

Banner location and posting places

Signs and materials for advertising purposes may be posted in several places. With prior approval, signs may be posted on general service bulletin boards. Any damage incurred for improperly hanging signs will be charged to the program. If the program wishes to provide its own sandwich board signs, these may be used for posting if they do not obstruct walkways or building or room entrances or exits.

Signs that are attached to stakes to be driven into the ground, as well as the locations where these are intended to be erected, must be approved in advance of the program. Signs which are placed in improper areas may cause damage to water pipes or underground cable or wiring systems. Signs that are improperly erected or which have not been approved in advance will be removed by university personnel, and a charge will be assessed to the program for labor costs and for any damages.

Sizes and heights

Posters, banners, or signs attached or mounted fewer than six feet above the floor or ground are free of approval requirements for content.

One-piece posters, banners, and signs beginning at 48 inches wide and 10 feet long and mounted up to 12 feet above the floor or ground must be approved in advance of the program. Any sign, banner, or display larger in size or to be hung higher than these specifications must be approved in advance of the program. The maximum that a banner may be hung above the ground is 20 feet.

If the program wishes to have materials hung by university staff, or if in the approval process it is determined that the materials should be hung only by university staff, the program must provide materials in advance of the program. Deadlines for submitting materials will vary subject to the size and characteristics of the materials in question. The program may be charged for the labor costs associated with the preparation, installation, removal, and disposal of sign materials.