Erik Makhanov

Erik Makhanov is a senior at the University of Puget Sound studying piano and music education. Erik plans to graduate with a BA Music Education and a MA Teaching through the Puget Sound School of Education.

Erik has been the recipient of many awards, including gold in his division in the MusicFest NW and CWU Sonatina/Sonata piano competitions. Erik has taught piano lessons in his own hometown studio and in his church.

"Music education is a personal passion of mine. Teaching piano has been a fundamental part of my own musical education. I take joy in seeing a student's progress and in helping my students achieve an effective and solid musical foundation.

I encourage my students to think independently and to listen attentively so that they can grow artistically and achieve maximum potential. My primary goal is to pass on a love and an appreciation for music as it has the power to positively affect an individual's entire life."