Commencement 2021 Ceremonies

  • We will hold two separate ceremonies using Peyton Field, Baker Stadium, and Lower Baker Field – one beginning at 10:00 a.m. for the undergraduate and graduate members of the Class of 2020, and one beginning at 3:00 p.m. for the undergraduate and graduate members of the Class of 2021. Each ceremony should last for about 1.5 - 2 hours.
  • Each graduate will be distanced 6-feet from other graduates. Students will process onto Peyton Field via a single-line procession with 6-feet maintained between individuals, before taking their seats on Lower Baker Field.
  • The procession will enter from the northeast location on Peyton Field, proceed onto the track walking South, rounding the corner, then walking West in front of the Stadium stands and turn right, walking North through the middle of Peyton Field toward the stage. The procession will then split into two groups, heading left and right of the stage to proceed down the stairs onto Lower Baker Field and take their seats.
  • The Commencement ceremony will be an abbreviated ceremony. The program will include: remarks from President Crawford, Invocation, Commencement Speaker Address, Student Commencement Speaker(s), conferring of honorary degrees, and the calling of student names.
  • Students will ascend the Commencement stage as their names are called. Regrettably, there will be no handshakes or hugs. Graduate hooding will take place on stage during the main ceremony, and will be organized to ensure the health and safety of participants. Designated faculty members who are fully vaccinated will perform the hooding of graduates from their respective programs who elect to be hooded. For example, PT faculty will hood PT graduates, OT faculty will hood OT graduates, and Education faculty will hood Education graduates. Photographers will take pictures of each student as they descend the stage
  • Pre-recorded music and accompanying video of student musicians performing Commencement music will be part of the ceremony.
  • In adherence of state guidelines, there will not be a Commencement reception following the ceremony. Parents and students should plan their meet-up location prior to Commencement day. Following the ceremony, guests will depart campus and carry their celebration to their home, hotel, or other meeting location.

Accessibility for Grads and Guests

Detailed information is coming soon.