Federal W-4 Form Instructions for Student Staff Members

  • The W-4 form is required of all University employees at the time of hiring. Complete the form and return it to Career and Employment Service before beginning work in any on-campus job. Career and Employment Services collects these forms on behalf of the Payroll Office.
  • Blank forms may be obtained in the Payroll Office, Career and Employment Services, or you can print the Form W-4 online.
  • Complete the bottom section of the form, being sure to include all the requested information on items 1 through 7. Use your permanent address. Sign and date the form. We will fill in the employer information on the form after we receive it from you.
  • If a form is incomplete, unsigned or otherwise invalid, or the Payroll Office does not receive a Form W-4, a standard entry of Single with 0 allowances (as required by the IRS) will be entered for the employee until a valid W-4 is received.

If you have any questions not addressed in the instructions included on the form, contact the Payroll Office at 879.3416 or payroll@listhost.ups.edu.