Invest in Yourself

Invest in Yourself

What is something you’ve always been curious about? What skill would you like to master? What could you learn that might give you an edge during your job search or in the workplace? What practice could you undertake that would make you a more rounded human being?

A Summer of Self Development

Consider using this moment in time to reflect on where you are and where you envision yourself in the future. What knowledge or self-development can help you attain your goal?

For example, you could…

Take an online course 

Research graduate programs

Talk to admissions officers and ask them for names of students in the program who would be willing to talk with you about their experience.

Listen to podcasts
Podcasts are springing up everywhere and now learning on-the-go couldn't be more convenient. Next time you step out for a walk or are mindlessly doing the dishes, try listening to a new podcast! You never know what interesting things you'll learn in the process. Here's a few to consider:

Learn a new language

How many languages can you greet someone in? As our world becomes ever more connected, the importance for intercultural appreciation continues to grow. Why not take some time to expand your linguistic horizon and learn the basics of a new language? Interested? Check these resources out:

Get creative

Write a song, start a vlog or blog, create a photo journal or a podcast related to your interests, your career path, or to support history by documenting how members of your community spent their social distancing time.

Write a letter

  • Send a thank you note to somebody—gratitude is good for the soul.
  • Send letters to senators or congressional representatives about a topic of concern.
  • Everyone loves snail mail! Send cards or cheerful messages to friends and family members.
  • Draft a message of encouragement to your future self.

Start a journal

Reflection is so very important! Not sure where to start? These resources may help get you going:

Reflect on a range of topics with the current crisis as the source of experience.

For example, from the Center for Civic Reflection:


(Note: These resources are continuing to be updated, so keep checking back for the latest information!)