Focus on what you CAN do:

Focus on what you CAN do:

When it comes to your career development, you can 1. Update your resume. 2. Expand your virtual network. 3. Practice your interview skills. 4. Develop your skill base. And that’s just a start!

Continue to Improve Your Professional Self

Don't let the current set of circumstances paralyze your career development - there is much you can do during this time to set yourself up for professional success. 


Update your resume and cover letter
Meet with a CES career advisor to discuss how to best represent your experience on your resume. Schedule an appointment via

Build your Handshake and LinkedIn profiles
This is an ideal time to perfect your professional online presence! We recommend building out your Handshake profile first (it’s a great testing ground and you have lots of other student examples to look at), then transfer the same content to your LinkedIn profile. Get started with the 10-Day Handshake Profile Challenge.

Explore career options

Study for MCAT, LSAT, GRE, GMAT exams

Complete a micro-internship.

Watch LinkedIn Learning Courses to gain an edge in the virtual environment


(Note: These resources are continuing to be updated, so keep checking back for the latest information!)