LoggerJobs allows for comprehensive search

The Puget Sound Trail
March 26, 2010
By Miles King

Career and Employment Services (CES) recently introduced the LoggerJobs search database, which consolidates previously disassociated resources to help better connect students with employment opportunities.

CES recognized the hassle students faced navigating between signing up for on-call programs, constantly checking the job boards in Howarth Hall, and wading through various other job listings, so they made the move to consolidate employer listings through Cascade. The new LoggerJobs database enables students to view a listing of diverse job offerings from any computer, simply by visiting Cascade.

During the first month online, nearly 700 students logged into the system to view 243 job postings. On the LoggerJobs database, students can expect to find a host of national and local employment opportunities including temporary, seasonal, part-time, and full-time work.

Standard employment is not the only benefit of the new database. Students can also access the LoggerJobs sister database, NIC InternshipLink, to find internships.

LoggerJobs is designed to make the employment search as painless as possible, and new online features are leading the way.

CES Associate Director Mona Lawrence explained the capabilities of the new Search Agent feature. "You can set up Search Agents to specify the types of opportunities that you want to find, and the system will automatically search those for you," she said. "You can even schedule e-mails to notify you about new postings that match your specifications."

LoggerJobs strives to offer students the easiest and most efficient way to find a job no matter what they might be looking for.

CES Technology Coordinator Scott Dunham, Class of 2009, helped design the LoggerJobs database. "We hope students will find LoggerJobs to be a helpful resource overall," he said. "And if students have suggestions or comments, we want to hear from them. The more feedback we get, the easier it will be to make sure the system is helping CES meet students' needs."

"LoggerJobs feature employers who want to hire our students...and opportunities that are a good match for the talents and interests of the Puget Sound student population," said CES Director Kim McDowell.

Sophomore CES staff member Enrique Vargas shared his thoughts about LoggerJobs. "The system was a little tricky to navigate initially; I wasn't sure where to click when I first went in, but I got a few tips and now it seems relatively simple," he said.

"Don't be deterred. If you have questions, give us a call," Vargas advised.