Build a Professional Web Presence

Employers are using the web to preview job candidates. What will they see when they Google you?

Review your social networks...FaceBook, G+, Blogger, Flickr, YouTube, etc. Make sure your profiles are private, but also see which parts are still visible even to strangers—you might be surprised.

  • Google, Yahoo, and Bing yourself; each produces different results. (Review at least 3-5 pages.)
  • Search with your name in quotation marks.
  • Search blog entries using (A regular search doesn't look at blogs.)
  • Also try searching for your name and add your school name, fraternity/sorority, organizations, middle name, middle initial, hometown, dorm, major, etc.

What image are you presenting? How might employers perceive it? Control your image by creating a professional web presence through tools like LinkedIn.

Get rid of any questionable postings.

Post positive, accurate content about yourself.
Tip: A completed LinkedIn profile will usually become the top link on Google.

Be yourself!
You can still have fun online while making good decisions about what to post.  

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