When you aren't sure what to do, do something!

When you aren't sure what to do, do something!

Here are ideas to get your brainstorming started...

How can you help your community?

Want to make a positive impact while demonstrating or developing skills that employers look for in candidates? Document your progress, then add the project or skill set to your resume.

Tap into your network to see if they have projects that could use your talents. For example, you could…

  • Offer your social media skills to help a local restaurant, small business, or nonprofit expand their outreach to new customers and supporters. (Collect analytics to show your progress and that the organization can use to guide decision-making.)
  • Utilize your creativity by making masks to share with local organizations or individuals in need.
  • Create of a work of art with the guidance and support of an artist mentor.
  • Provide your survey design and analysis skills to help an organization design and deploy a survey to learn more about clients’ needs.

Reach out to organizations of interest and suggest remote activities. For example, you could…

  • Tape, record, stream, or promote performances or workshops to benefit community partners.
  • Conduct background research, gather best practices, or compile other information requested by the partner.
  • Create digital and other social media content, printed materials, or other methods for information-sharing for a partner's program.

Offer your skills to family or friends who could use your help. For example…

  • If you like kids and are interested in teaching, you could research curriculum and provide summaries of activities and ideas for your neighbor’s elementary-aged child.
  • If you’re known for your organizational skills and like to cook, you could help your grandparents digitize family recipes and organize them by recipe type. If cooking isn’t your thing, you could help digitize family photos, with details about the people, locations, and stories associated with the images.
  • Interested in gardening? You could find a space in your yard or in your neighborhood to plant a garden. No space available? Design a container garden for a window or patio. Brighten someone’s day with your plants and flowers, or share your harvest with family, friends, or neighbors in need.\


For your resume:

Depending on the project, there are opportunities to showcase your research, organization, communication, self-direction, and attention-to-detail skills. Want to chat about it? Schedule an appointment with a career advisor to talk about your project and how to translate your experience onto your resume.