A Puget Sound Degree...

Puget Sound graduates are well-positioned to make an impact beyond campus. Through a rigorous liberal arts curriculum, our students develop the ability to evaluate information and construct knowledge, to make connections across disciplines, to build strong writing skills, and to embrace a desire for continued learning.

Employers seek a particular skill set in candidates. They look for the ability to:

  • Analyze, evaluate, and interpret data
  • Learn and apply knowledge
  • Identify problems and create solutions
  • Communicate clearly and concisely
  • Seek global understanding
  • Adapt to ongoing change
  • Undertake unfamiliar tasks
  • Develop and maintain professional networks

Puget Sound students learn to:

Acquire knowledge and generate ideas
Organize information
Provide critical analysis
Connect related information/ideas

Write clearly and persuasively
Develop strong listening skills
Present and debate arguments
Understand/meet needs of an audience

Develop strong interpersonal skills
Work effectively in teams
Understand other cultures
Evaluate solutions from a global perspective

Combining a rigorous liberal arts curriculum with experience gained through co-curricular activities such part-time employment and internships, club and organization involvement, volunteer work, etc., Puget Sound students develop the skills and competencies employers seek, regardless of their major.

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