Rachel Moshier '09 International Political Economy Major

Rachel Moshier '09 International Political Economy Major

During a visit to Washington DC for a work conference, Rachel got to meet the French Ambassador. "The World Affairs Council works closely with Ambassadors abroad because they nominate the individuals who will be visitors to America."

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Rachel Moshier Adler '09 International Political Economy Major

CES: How has your Puget Sound/liberal arts education prepared you for your career? Any specific details about your IPE degree?

RM: Studying liberal arts and IPE specifically are a huge reason behind why I have the job I currently have. My IPE education helped me better understand the complicated connections that make up our world.

CES: What was your first job after college? In what ways did that experience meet or not meet your expectations?

RM: The job I have now is my first post-college job.

I feel extremely thankful that I have the opportunity to do the kind of work that I do. I expected to not find meaningful work immediately and I am lucky enough to be doing work that I am passionate about and I find inspiring.

CES: What advice do you have for how to stand out in a pool of job applicants?

RM: To stand out in a pool of job applicants, it is extremely important to have an impeccable cover letter and resume. I know this many sound rudimentary, but I can’t stress enough how important it is to submit an application without errors.

Also, in your cover letter and resume it is essential to communicate how your desired employer will benefit from your work. Even if you are new in the field, you always have something positive to offer.

CES: What tips or resources can you suggest for finding entry-level positions in your field?

RM: Network, network, network! Know what you want and don’t be afraid to communicate it to people in your field of interest.

Students can apply any time for internships but our administrative team will not be reviewing applications for Summer Internships until April. My suggestion is that students apply as soon as possible and follow-up in the Spring.

IPE brought Rachel to campus in the spring of 2010 to talk about her experience "Going from Intern to Hired" with the World Affairs Council (WAC). Here is the blurb from that event, which provides details about the WAC and Rachel's work:

Rachel is currently a program officer for the International Visitor's Program with the WAC, a membership-based nonprofit dedicated to providing everyone opportunities to practice global citizenship.

As a hub for all things international in Greater Seattle, the WAC enriches local civic and cultural conversations with world insights and perspectives. The International Visitor Program of the WAC promotes citizen diplomacy by coordinating educational and professional programs for international delegates visiting Greater Seattle. The IV Program hosts approximately 1000 international professionals and youth from more than 90 countries each year. The majority of the visitors travel to the United States through the U.S. State Department Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, International Visitor Leadership Program after being recognized and nominated as rising stars by American embassies in their countries.

As part of her job description, Rachel concurrently designs and implements creative professional development exchange programs for professionals and young leaders using organizational models and creative program design to maximize impact and cross-cultural exchange.

Rachel graduated from Puget Sound in 2009 with a degree in IPE and a focus in Asian Studies. During her time at Puget Sound she was vice president of Alpha Phi Sorority and she participated in the Pacific Rim Program where she spent nine months in Asia.

When she is not thinking about Asia or world affairs, she enjoys reading, cooking, eating, and being outside. Rachel loves zombies, kale and cats.