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Whether it is paid, unpaid, for credit or not, an internship can provide a different sort of classroom for expanding your learning. Internships can help you explore and test hunches about career fields, build your resume, and launch your career.

Finding an Internship
Seeking an internship requires much of the same kind of preparation as any job search. Puget Sound has resources that provide a great place to start your search for an internship placement. Remember to start your search early, especially if you hope to enroll for academic credit. Arrangements should be made during the months prior to the semester or summer in which you plan to enroll.

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Search the LinkedIn Puget Sound alumni page to identify Loggers in career fields or in geographic locations that interest you. Also, consider joining Puget Sound's ASK Network group on LinkedIn, where you can connect with alumni who have expressed an interest is supporting Logger students' career development. Either way, alumni can be a useful source of information about their own internship experiences, or may be able to point you to internship programs in their organization. 

Academic Credit
Puget Sound students can formally link a work experience to the curriculum for academic credit (tuition and fees apply) through a Faculty Sponsored Internship. You must be at least a sophomore to enroll.

Procedures for registering for credit

Activity Credit
The Co-operative Education program allows students to gain preprofessional experience through off-campus employment while earning between .25 and 1.0 activity credits (tuition and fees apply). You must be at least a sophomore to be eligible for cooperative education credit.

Procedures for registering for credit

Internships for Credit: Myth busting

There is a common myth that if you get paid to pursue an internship, then you can’t do it for credit.  I hear this all the time and am here to let you know it’s not true!