Career and Employment Services (CES) supports students as they align themselves with opportunities leading to creative, productive, and satisfying professional lives. CES engages with students from their first day on campus to help them acquire the skills, experiences, and contacts necessary for building a meaningful career after college.

Get to know CES! 

Career development is a process. It's never too early for your student to explore careers and build job-search skills. Refer your student to the distinctive resources, partnerships, and opportunities available through CES, including:

  • Comprehensive resources at every stage in students’ career development, from internships to part-time, summer, work-study, and full-time employment
  • Career advising based on individual interests and goals to help students perfect resumes, practice interview skills, and devise personalized strategies for career development or a job search
  • Continuous outreach to students through e-newsletters, social media, and in-person visits across campus.
  • Programming and events targeted at helping students explore potential career paths, prepare for professional situations, connect with alumni and employers, and more
  • Databases of local and national internships designed to advance success in securing best-fit positions
  • An active network of alumni from a variety of professions who participate in career programs and are available to consult with students about careers and graduate schools

Encourage your student to get to know CES people and resources!

Promote career awareness by visiting with your student, helping them to filter their experiences with a mind towards eventual career pursuits, as they:

  • Explore different majors and careers
    Students can assess their interests, explore career fields in our Career Resource Library, take classes that interest them, and try out various options through internships, summer jobs, etc.
  • Get involved in co-curricular activities
    Student organizations, faculty research, and volunteer activities broaden student's horizons and provide another opportunity to hone leadership, communication, organizational, and other transferable skills.
  • Participate in internships, part-time jobs, or other career-related work experience
    Experience in the world of work during college can provide a different sort of classroom for expanding your student's learning; it can help them explore and test hunches about a career field; it can build their resume and launch their career.

Other ways parents can help...

For more information, please contact Career and Employment Services at 253.879.3161.