Career and Employment Services has developed a wide range of services and resources to assist faculty with career advising topics. If you can't find the topic you're searching for in the list below, please contact CES at 253.879.3161.

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Letters of reference/student employment issues

Looking for speakers to visit your class?
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Where are your students headed?

Career advising resources available to students
CES strives to empower students to make informed choices about career options and employment opportunities. We encourage you to refer students to CES early and often (beginning in their first year!) to take advantage of our career services, including:

Internship resources
Internship/Cooperative Education Program
Faculty Sponsored Internships

Letters of reference/student employment issues
NACE Faculty Guide to Ethical and Legal Standards in Student Hiring

Looking for speakers to visit your class?
CES can coordinate—with appropriate notification—a presentation tailored specifically to your class. Complete a Program Request Form to get the process started. We can also provide you with a list of alumni volunteers (sorted by major, career field, or employer) who would be appropriate for your class presentation needs.

Know of companies who'd like to recruit Puget Sound students? Interested in bringing an employer into your classroom?
Often times, employers will contact faculty members hoping to make direct connections with Puget Sound students. If you are contacted by an employer, please pass that contact information on to CES so we can offer that employer access to our entire range of services. Also, you may want to review the NACE Faculty Guide to Ethical and Legal Standards in Student Hiring.

Many employers offer to speak to classes, present case studies and meet one-to-one with faculty members at Puget Sound. If you're interested in making these kinds of connections with an employer, please contact CES at 253.879.3161.  

Where are your students headed?
We find that we're most successful in assisting students with career planning when we follow the successes of our Puget Sound graduates. Each spring, we track the career and graduate school plans of the current graduating class. If you have the inside scoop on the plans of a student, drop us a line or call us at 253.879.3161.

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