ASK Night FAQs

Hosted by the Alumni Council Career and Employment Services Committee, ASK Night is a reception that provides Puget Sound students and alumni with an opportunity to discuss life at and after Puget Sound.

As a student, you can learn about the variety of career fields our graduates enter, the voluntary associations they join, and how their lives are enriched through their liberal arts education. Alumni can answer your questions about courses to take, co-curricular activities, the graduate school admission process, or how to conduct an effective job search. Some may have job leads. Many will also have questions about you and the campus today. ASK Night sets the stage for an exchange of information between alumni and students which can benefit everyone.

Is ASK Night only for seniors looking for work?
No. ASK Night is for all students. Alumni can share knowledge and advice that can help you in your undergraduate experience as well as your post-graduate pursuits.

“As a first-year student, I asked alums what they had done to choose their major and how they got into their field of work. One alum told me of a great place to volunteer which was really helpful, and another told me which professors to take for my major of interest.” Jessie Sayre ‘16

“Even if you only talk to one person like I did, it helps you get some sort of direction to go in with your classes and is an outside opinion of what classes really matter later in life.” Liz Roepke ‘15

"I thought I was ready to ‘schmooze’ with the big dogs, but ASK Night was a reality check in the best possible way. Not only did I meet cool, interesting people, but I got advice and a clearer picture of my road ahead." Ian Fox ’14

How will I know who to talk to?
Alumni will be wearing name tags, and will be stationed at cafe tables so they are easy to find. Photos of many alumni are available on the participant list and will also be projected onto a screen during the event to aid in identification as well. Alumni leaders, staff, and student leaders will be available to help you to identify particular alumni or determine who might be the best match for your interests.

To get the most out of ASK Night, review our networking tips as well as the alumni participants list before the event. It's also helpful to click through to each participant's ASK Network profile to learn more about their career paths.

And keep in mind, even if there isn't an alum present who currently works in your field of interest, all alumni have valuable tips to share. If you see an alum who isn't talking to another student, strike up a conversation and see what you learn!

“I liked the range of professionals there from all different studies. I would recommend this event because it is not often that students can physically meet with the grown alumni of their college who have already traversed into their career path and can share direct experience and insight to follow.” Nakisha Renee Jones ‘16

“I thought it was great to meet people who have had the same educational experience as me, and to see how they’ve but it to use. I am extremely thankful to all of the alumni who attended for making themselves available; everyone was extremely approachable and knowledgeable.” Renee Meschi ‘14

Is the event formal or casual?
ASK Night is a networking reception. Regarding attire: if you have an opportunity to do so, we encourage you to dress as you might for an interview. But don't let your wardrobe be a barrier—alumni will understand if you show up in nice jeans and a Puget Sound sweatshirt. And in terms of the atmosphere, it isn't formal or casual—it's professional, but it's also a friendly and comfortable atmosphere.

"ASK Night is a great event that facilitates professional networking in a relaxed environment that makes it accessible. Before going, I was a bit nervous myself, but everyone was really encouraging, supportive, and easy to talk to. You never know where you might make a great connection, and this is a great opportunity to reach out that is essentially handed to you on a silver platter once a year." Amy Stromme ’14

“It was nice to see a lot of people passionate about their careers. Also, all were very knowledgeable in their fields and answered a variety of questions. ASK Night is a great way to network and get to know what the job market and ‘real world’ are like.” Ariana Lim ‘14