Join us for ASK Night!

Alumni Sharing Knowledge Night is designed to support students' career development—providing them with an opportunity to connect with you, benefit from your advice, and practice their networking skills with a Logger-friendly audience.

Alumni, please register as soon as possible so that we can promote your attendance to students.

CES | ASK Night Alumni Registration

CES | ASK Night Alumni Registration

  • General Information

  • If you attended Puget Sound under a different name, this will help us identify you.

  • If you don’t have access to a photo at the moment (or if the feature isn't functioning due to Flash issues) please send your photo to after submitting your registration.

  • Example:

  • Puget Sound Education

  • Post-Secondary Education

  • Career Information

  • Students are interested in learning how you arrived at your current position. Please list pivotal experiences in your career path, including employment, volunteer or public service, entrepreneurial ventures, etc.

  • Contact Information

    (For ASK Night planning purposes only.)

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  • Other Information

  • Students are drawn to alumni whose college activities and organizations are similar to their own. Please list a few of your key affiliations, such as: student activities, living group, sports, on-campus employment, clubs, study abroad, etc.

  • For instance, based on alumni responses to this question last year, we reached out to first-generation students, LGBT students, students who transferred to Puget Sound, non-traditional students, and students who'd served in the military to let them know about alumni who they might share commonalities with.

  • FYI: We use responses from this section to draft blogs. Here's an example of what we did last year: The Best Advice