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CES Career Connections Newsletter

The Career and Employment Services (CES) Career Connections (C3) newsletter is delivered throughout the year to your mailbox. C3 is a brief but regular dose of friendly nudging, encouraging you to take advantage of career-related resources, events, and opportunities.

It's never too early to begin exploring career paths, gaining experience, and honing skills...

First-year and sophomore students regularly say that they will "think about career issues closer to graduation."

Paradoxically, seniors and recent alumni tell us that they wish they'd started thinking about these issues earlier, or wish someone had required them to take small steps along the way.

We can't make students explore career options that match their personality, or force them to seek guidance on crafting the perfect resume...but we are willing to provide a bit of friendly nudging!

C3 is a reminder of resources, events, and opportunities that support Puget Sound students' career development process.

Happy Student Employment Month!
Career Fair, ASK a Logger, & Future Height recordings (Oh my!)
Kick off Spring Semester
Get ready to scale to Future Heights
Celebrate Career Development Month!
November: Who's Hiring Loggers?*
Who's Hiring Logger Grads at the Career Fair?*
Get to know CES!

August: Who's Hiring Loggers?*
July: Who's Hiring Loggers?*
How to get a job and/or become a game show contestant...
June: Who's hiring Loggers?*
18 alumni + 72 career experts await you...
CES is open allll summer!
CES is still here for you
Explore career paths
Look who's registered for ASK Night
Hand over the Hot Chocolate
Celebrate Career Development Month

*An offshoot of the C3 newsletter, the Who's Hiring Loggers newsletter was designed to provide additional support for the Logger Class of 2020, in the wake of the Great Shutdown.

Faculty members and Campus Supervisors, subscribe to C3!

Perusing the C3 is an easy way to stay in the loop about campus resources, events, and opportunities that support students' career development. We invite you to subscribe!