Alcohol Policy

  • University of Puget Sound Catering Services does not sell or supply alcoholic beverages.
  • On-campus events that choose to provide beer, wine, or champagne must obtain an application form from the Dean of Students Office. For information on how to do this, please visit the Alcohol Permit Process website.
  • A banquet permit from any Washington State Liquor store is also required. For more information about this process visit the Washington State Liquor Control Board website.
  • Both documents must be posted at the event site.
  • Groups not affiliated with the university are required to hire a bartender/ beverage attendant to monitor the consumption of alcohol on campus. A fee of $26.25 per hour will be charged for this service.
  • Alcohol can be dropped off the day of the event for cooling and staging purposes.
  • The client must remove all alcohol remaining after the event. The University of Puget Sound is not responsible for storing leftover alcohol. All remaining alcohol not removed by the client will be discarded.