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The Chemistry Department offers a broad-based curriculum designed to meet the needs of a variety of students, from those taking only one or two chemistry courses in order to broaden their liberal arts background to those majoring in chemistry in preparation for a career in the chemical sciences.
Thompson 355, 253.879.2848,

Civic Scholarship Project

The Civic Scholarship Project supports programs that join together the south Puget Sound region and the University of Puget Sound's faculty and students in projects of mutual concern.

Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies

The pioneer of the interdisciplinary approach, the field of Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies encompasses the languages, literature, philosophy, and history of the Mediterranean from the second millennium BC to the fifth century AD. The Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies Department presents as wide a range of courses as possible in this diverse but fundamentally unified field.
Wyatt 139, 253.879.3781

Communication Studies

Students majoring in Communication Studies examine the human, social, political, institutional, and mediated dimensions of human communication practices and processes.
Jones 300, 253.879.3334

Communications, Office of

Arches alumni magazine, photographer, media relations, publications, graphic design, and Web manager.
Communications House, 253.879.3298

Computer Science (and Mathematics)

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science offers courses in support of students who need a general introduction to these fields and students who need specific tools and techniques in support of their own fields of study.
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