Tips for a Successful Photo Submittal

  • Current color photo in .jpg format.
  • Photo is at least 300 x 375 pixels with a file size no larger than 80KB.
  • Face & shoulders must be clearly visible and facing forward.
  • Photo must have a uniform light-colored background - passport photos are best!
  • Photo must have proper lighting with no shadows or glares.
  • Eyes are visible and open with no sunglasses, hats or other items that obscure the face.
  • Student must be the only person in the picture with no other objects in the photo (ex. hands, doors, or trees).

Here are some examples:

1. To achieve a neutral color smooth background you can use:

  • poster board
  • wall

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2. To achieve clear image quality avoid images that are:

  • Dark or shadowed
  • Distorted


  • To check photo size use a photo editor, image size is up 2 MB or 2048 KB.
    ( Generally you can right click on a photo and under Properties to view size.)
  • Note: Photographs are best taken with a real flash camera. Cell phone cameras tend to pixelate and soften photographs which might cause your photo to be denied.

3. Avoid photos with other visible people or objects.

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