LoggerCard Policies and Procedures


The Logger Card is the official University of Puget Sound ID card. It is the cardholder’s “proof” of affiliation with the university. The card allows building swipe access, use of your meal plan as well as various privileges within the university, including Athletic and Aquatic center, Collins library, Mail Services, and Bookstore.



All Puget Sound students, employees, and qualifying university affiliates are eligible for a Logger Card.  ID Cards are not available for courtesy affiliates, visitors, vendors, alumni or spouses of university affiliates. Only the person pictured on the card is authorized to use the card to make purchases or conduct other business on it. Logger Card patrons are issued only one identification card. Duplicate Logger Cards must be surrendered to authorized personnel upon request for proper destruction.


Obtaining a Logger Card

To obtain a Logger Card, go to the Dining Services office (WSC 240) Monday through Friday, 10:00 a.m.–2: 00 p.m., during the academic year. You must provide an official government issued identification as proof of identity. All International students must show their passport.  Cardholders are responsible for obtaining cards in person. Cards are not sent by mail. Students, faculty and staff will be issued their first card free of charge.


Cardholder Responsibilities

Lost car? Stolen card? must be reported immediately to Security Services at 253.879.3311.  A $19.99 replacement fee will be due (regardless of the card number 1, 2, 3 etc.)


Card Not Working?

Exchange your current card and replace for free.


Damaged Card?

Exchange your current card (cracked, torn) and replace for free.


Card Retention and Destruction

Dining and Conference Services will hold all lost/stolen cards returned to the department for 30 days. After that period, no lost/stolen Logger Cards will be returned to patron.


Disclosure of Account Information

Account balance information will only be released to the account holder. Parents cannot request account information without consent from the cardholder.


More Information

  1. If you are concerned about your card's security; you may request a “hold” on your account (until you determine your card is lost or stolen) in the Dining Services Office (WSC 240) during business hours. If you are unable to find your card, you may report it as “lost" which will deactivate your meal plan. Once deactivation occurs, you must obtain a new card to access your privileges.
  2. Never punch holes or deface your card beyond its normal everyday use.  At the time of replacement, the old card must be surrendered to the university. Card holders may only possess one Logger Card. Card holders may choose to reuse their old picture on the new card, or have a new picture taken at the time of replacement.
  3. Dining Dollars are non-transferable. Only the person pictured on the Logger Card will be allowed to spend from that account. 
  4. A valid card must be presented at the time of purchase.
  5. The Logger Card is an official document and form of university identification. The picture on the card must be of the card holder only. No hats, sunglasses, or objects may appear in the picture on the card. “Silly” faces or gestures are not permitted.