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Psychology is the study of human thought and behavior. The psychology faculty and curriculum represent many of the major subdisciplines in psychology (e.g., development, clinical, cognition, learning, sensation, perception, biopsychology, personality, social, and industrial-organizational).
Weyerhaeuser 307, 253.879.3307

Race & Pedagogy Initiative

The Race and Pedagogy Initiative is a collaboration of the University of Puget Sound and the South Sound community, which educates students and teachers at all levels to think critically about race and to act to eliminate racism.
Howarth 209C, 253.879.2435,


The Department of Religion seeks to help students understand the nature and importance of the world's great religious traditions in historical context and to glimpse some of the profound questions and answers about human nature and destiny that these traditions offer.
Wyatt 137, 253.879.3745

Science, Technology, and Society

Science and technology are not isolated activities: they are inextricably linked to every other aspect of human experience. Science and technology have important connections to literature, philosophy, religion, art, economics, and to social and political history. Science, Technology, and Society courses explore the connections between the sciences and other parts of the human endeavor.
Thompson 165, 253.879.3127

Security Services

Serves the safety, security and parking needs of the campus community.
McIntyre Hall, Suite 011, 253.879.3311

Sociology & Anthropology

The disciplines of sociology and anthropology provide the foundation for an integrated curriculum in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Puget Sound.
McIntyre 213, 253.879.3136

Student Activities

Included in the department of Student Activities are Greek Life, Orientation, Outdoor Programs, Student Programs, and Wheelock Student Center.
3209 N. 15th St. and Wheelock Student Center, 253.879.3317

Student Affairs, Division of

The Division of Student Affairs consists of the Dean and Associate Dean of Students offices, as well as the departments of Counseling, Health, & Wellness Services (CHWS), Multicultural Student Services, Off-Campus Student Services, Residence Life, Student Activities, and Spirituality, Service, & Social Justice.
Wheelock Student Center