LEAD Charter: Live, Execute, Adopt, and Develop the Strategic Plan for Puget Sound

April 15, 2008

We Are...We Know...We Act...
The characteristics, competencies, and actions necessary to advance the strategic plan

We Are: We embody the characteristics necessary to advance the strategic plan

  1. We are connectors and collaborators with LEAD colleagues, other staff colleagues, faculty colleagues, students, and members of our surrounding community.
  2. We are communicators who infuse the campus with information necessary to advance the strategic plan—to staff and student staff colleagues in our areas of responsibility and to those with whom we are working on university committees, task forces, etc.
  3. We are attentive to one another and all members of the university community.
  4. We are current in our professions and are life long learners.
  5. We are creative in our approaches to advancing the strategic plan and are not afraid to take risks.

We Know: We build the competencies necessary to advance the strategic plan

  1. We understand the university’s mission and vision.
  2. We understand the work of the university and its various parts.
  3. We understand higher education issues and trends and Puget Sound’s place in higher education.
  4. We understand what it means to be a liberal arts college.
  5. We understand what distinguishes Puget Sound among liberal arts colleges.

We Act: We act purposefully and mindfully to advance the strategic plan

  1. We anticipate, actively listen, collaborate, and initiate ideas together.
  2. We make decisions in light of the mission, vision, and strategic plan.
  3. We think system-wide: institutionally, holistically, outside the box. We think about what is best for our diverse community of students, faculty, staff, and alumni.
  4. We focus resources on the university’s strategic priorities and abandon outworn practices in a disciplined way.
  5. We articulate the mission and vision of Puget Sound to our colleagues and the community; we teach and disseminate information in support of the strategic plan.