The Maroon changed to The Trail.

Athletics nickname changed from the Grizzlies to the Loggers.

University reorganized into eight divisions: College of Liberal Arts, School of Education, College of Commerce, School of Home Economics, School of Public Speaking, School of Music, School of Arts, and the Academy.

Trustee Everill S. Collins offers dollar-for-dollar challenge grant for year. James J. Hill, president of Great Northern Railroad, offers $50,000 if university can raise $200,000.

Board elects Edward H. Todd president.

Majors to be selected in sophomore year from seven groups, including: English and public speaking, foreign languages, math and astronomy, physical sciences, biological sciences, household sciences, and history and social sciences.

Conference assesses each church in Western Washington $1 per member over four years to support college.

Women's basketball program begins.

First yearbook printed under the name Klahowya.

University of Puget Sound renamed College of Puget Sound (September 12).

College meets terms of Hill challenge grant (September).

Academy is closed to focus on college-level education.

Color Post erected on Sixth and Sprague campus.

Puget Sound Conference pledges to raise $500,000 if the college first raises $500,000 from Pierce County residents. Effort is called the Million Dollar Campaign.