Board elects Reverend Fletcher B. Cherington as first president.

Eighty-eight students enroll for 1890-91 at tuition of $15 for the Academy (prep school) and $20 for the college.

Building constructed between South I and J Streets and 21st and 23rd Streets.

First Academy class graduates.

University moves to Ouimette Building at Yakima and S. 10th Street, which is the university's home until 1903.

All Methodist churches asked to present half of their missionary appointment for the support of Puget Sound University.

Board elects Reverend Crawford R. Thoburn as second president.

University opens School of Art and College of Music.

University organizes into five divisions: College of Liberal Arts, College of Music, School of Expression and Oratory, College of Post-Graduate Study, School of Art.

First college class (four students) graduates.

Having made its curricula conform to university senate requirements, Puget Sound placed in official list of Methodist Episcopal Church colleges.

First student newspaper, Ye Recorde, begins.

Board elects Wilmot Whitfield as president.