Wyatt Desk Bias Awareness and Action Initiative

On behalf of ASUPS, the Bias & Hate Education Response Team (BHERT), the Division of Student Affairs, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, and the Faculty Committee on Diversity, we seek your assistance and support in raising awareness to eradicate public bias messaging and vandalism on campus. This academic year, the University of Puget Sound has received and responded to four cases of public bias on campus and has a persistent issue with such messaging, particularly in Wyatt Hall.


Public bias messaging generally refers to the open communication of bias, regardless of the format (writing, doodling, markings, and/or drawings) involving derogatory and insensitive language and images that may cause physical or psychological harm, whether or not vandalism has occurred. Vandalism more specifically deals with messaging on classroom desks, bathroom stalls, whiteboards, etc. where campus property is damaged, destroyed, or misused. Examples of public bias where messaging does not result in vandalism include defacing or markings on posters, or expression in posters, e-mail, cyber-communication, and any other messaging format that does not result in property damage, but does create a hostile environment that causes psychological harm to the members of the Puget Sound community.


This fall, we will launch an awareness campaign aimed at addressing non-verbal public bias and related vandalism on campus. This campaign will include a community statement, posters, and an online video. For more information about this initiative, please contact Czarina Ramsay, Director of Multicultural Student Services (MCSS) and BHERT Co-chair at 253.879.3373 or cramsay@pugetsound.edu or Michael Benitez, Dean of Diversity and Inclusion, Chief Diversity Officer, and BHERT Co-chair at 253.879.2827 or chiefdiversity@pugetsound.edu.


Community statement on nonverbal public bias: The University of Puget Sound works consistently to cultivate a safe and inclusive learning environment where all members of our campus can contribute and flourish. Public bias, whether verbal or non-verbal, including messaging on desks, walls, stalls, doors, whiteboards, email, and social media, can evoke feelings of marginality and compromises a welcoming and educational atmosphere. Please support the culture of inclusive learning we aim to achieve at Puget Sound and avoid bias messaging and vandalism. Break the Cycle: Don’t be Spiteful! Create without Hate.


Sponsored by Associated Student of the University of Puget Sound (ASUPS), the Bias and Hate Education Response Team (BHERT), the Division of Student Affairs, the Faculty Committee on Diversity, and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion