ASUPS Bylaws: Union Board

(Excerpt of ASUPS Bylaws)

Section 11. Union Board 

A. Purpose. The University of Puget Sound Student Union is the community center of the university serving students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends.

1. The University of Puget Sound Wheelock Student Center is the community center of the university serving students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends.

2. Enhance leadership and co-curricular opportunities by providing an environment and programs which stimulate the intellectual, social, cultural, recreational, and personal development of individuals and groups within the campus community.

3. Provide access to services, conveniences, amenities, and centralized information.

4. Exhibit and encourage the diversity, vitality, and dynamism which characterize the university.

B. Powers and Responsibilities

1. Initiate and review policies regarding the facilities, services, and activities provided by the Wheelock Student Center.

2. Provide direction and support to the assistant director of the Wheelock Student Center in the implementation of the plans and policy directives of the board.

3. Evaluate the changing and diverse needs and interests of the university community in the utilization of the Wheelock Student Center.

4. Create sub-committees by a majority vote of the members of the board, as needed.

5. Encourage facility use by various university community constituencies and offer support and assistance.

6. Encourage the development of new activities and services not currently being offered within the Wheelock Student Center.

C. Membership. Vacancies are filled as they arise according to the same procedure by which members are selected.

1. One (1) ASUPS senator, chair.

2. Four (4) students at large.  Appointed by the ASUPS vice president in consultation with the ASUPS president.

a.  Two (2) on campus residents.
b.  Two (2) off campus residents
c.  No more than two students at large from anyone class.

3. ASUPS vice president

4. One ASUPS programmer

5. KUPS general manager.

6. Wheelock Information Center student manager.

7. Diversions Cafe student manager.

8. The Cellar student manager.

9. One (1) faculty member.  Serving an indefinite term, chosen by the Faculty Senate.

10. The assistant director of the Wheelock Student Center.

11. The university director of Business Services.

12. Director of student programs.

13. Alumna/us, selected by director of Alumni and Parent Relations.

14. Dean of students or his/her designee, non-voting.

15. Director of Dining and Conference Services or his/her designee, non-voting.

16. Bookstore manager, non-voting.

17. Mail Services representative, non-voting.

18. Facilities Services manager, non-voting.

D. Meetings

1. The board meets twice a month in regular sessions during the academic year. Other scheduled meetings are arranged by the chair, as required.

2. Special meeting of the board may be called by the chair, the assistant dean of students, or by one-third (1/3) of the voting membership of the board by submitting a request to the secretary of the board.

3. All meetings are open unless the board chooses to go into executive session to discuss personnel or contractual business. A two-thirds (2/3) majority vote is required.

E. Reporting.  The assistant director of student activities for the Wheelock Student Center bears the primary responsibility for insuring the effective coordination of Wheelock Student Center's programs and facilities.  Periodic reports to the ASUPS senate and the board of trustees' Academic and Student Affairs Committee on the status of the union will be provided as needed by the associate dean of student services or his/her designee.

F. Revisions.  Any further alteration of the Union Board section of the bylaws must be sent in writing to the board of trustees' Academic and Student Affairs Committee members for review.