Trimble Hall

The Forum

  • Dining Services and various setups available
  • Capacity: 60-85 (60, Banquet; 100, Lecture)

The Trimble Study

  • Dining Services Available
  • Capacity: 18

Please read the following policies and procedures concerning Trimble facilities use.  Familiarizing yourself with these guidelines will help to insure the successful production of your upcoming meeting or event.

To insure the most effective and appropriate use of Trimble Hall (The Forum and the Trimble Study) for meetings, banquets and other functions of university life, requests for reservations and assignment of space will be on a first-come, first-served basis with the understanding that the request will be evaluated according to the group’s status as outlined below in order of priority.



  • Category A
    Registered or ASUPS recognized clubs and organizations, university committees, departments, offices, and official alumni activities.
  • Category B
    University-related organizations: This group/program must be sponsored/hosted by a university department, staff or faculty member. In order to qualify for this designation, the program/group must be in alignment or closely aligned with the mission of the University of Puget Sound and all arrangements must be made by the university sponsor/host.
  • Category C
    Non-university related organizations

In addition to the status of the organization, the nature and purpose of the event will be considered. In the event of a scheduling conflict, an attempt will be made to accommodate the requesting groups or organizations in appropriate space within the Center, or referral will be made to another university meeting space.


Trimble Hall is reserved for members of the university community only.  Events involving participants outside of the university community should utilize Wheelock Student Center or other venues on campus.  (Applies to academic year - August 15-May 20)

Trimble Hall is reserved for resident use on Sunday nights after 6 p.m. (academic year).

Trimble Hall is reserved for Student Development use on Wednesday nights after 5 p.m. (academic year).

Trimble Hall summer reservations can be made on or after October 1 for the following year.

In addition to the status of the organization, the nature and purpose of the event will be considered.  In the event of a scheduling conflict, an attempt will be made to accommodate the requesting groups or organizations in appropriate space within the Wheelock Student Center or other university meeting space if a conflict arises with the Forum or the Trimble Study.

Tentative reservations may be placed by phone (253.879.3236), but will not be confirmed until a completed form has been received. 

Reservations should be made as far in advance as possible, but not before the following dates outlined above. For the following instances, advance reservations are necessary:

  • 2 days notice for:  Special Room Setup / Coffee Service
  • 7 days notice for:  Audio-Visual Equipment
  • 5 days notice for:  Catered meals

If facility use involves food or beverages, obtain Food and Beverage Guidelines from the Scheduling office or the Dining and Conference Services office.  Users must comply with guidelines.

"No Show"s

Organizations failing to use reserved space (without canceling) lose their right to meet in Trimble Hall for one semester. 


Room charges are not made to groups in categories A, B, & C, unless setup arrangements require staff overtime or a damage/cleanup assessment is charged.  Groups who fall into category G will be charged for facility use according to the current room charge fee structure.  Audio-visual or other special requests for equipment are subject to appropriate charges for all categories.


Trimble Hall Forum and Classroom are open to the public between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m., daily.  Keys are not needed during this time.

Event Security

For certain activities/events, the Associate Dean for Student Development may require uniformed security officers to be present at the sponsoring organization’s expense. Security must be notified within 5 days of event or event will be cancelled.


Must not pose a fire hazard, may not be attached to metal, glass or painted surfaces without prior approval by the Assistant Director for Student Services, and must be removed completely after the event. 


Not allowed in the reserved space after the reservation has ended.  The University of Puget Sound is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items.


The sponsoring group or individual will be responsible for following the policies and guidelines for facilities use.  Rooms are to be returned to the same condition they were in before use.  Damage to the room or failure to comply with the guidelines may result in the responsible party forfeiting any rights for future room use and/or be subject to a damage assessment. 


Trimble Hall is a smoke-free building. 

Alcoholic Beverages

In accordance with the university’s alcohol policy, the consumption of alcohol is prohibited in all areas of Trimble Hall unless designated as an exception on a single event basis.  Application for approval should be made to the Dean of Students office at least two weeks in advance.  A commitment to abide by all other requirements of the university’s alcohol policy and Washington State laws is required.  


Public address system, screen, and data projector are available to Forum users.  Information on how to access and use this equipment will be given at time of confirmation.